5 Ways To Protect Your Teen When They Are Home Alone

5 Ways To Protect Your Teen When They Are Home Alone


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The teen years are a massive leap of independence for young people. As a parent, you may be leaving your teen home alone or with pre-approved friends. It's normal to want to keep them as safe as possible while allowing them to spread their wings and learn to care for themselves. 


Home security tools and systems are a great way to keep your teen safe while you are away. 


Have you updated your security systems lately? 


Does your teen know about them or how to use them?


You can amplify your home security to be teen-friendly, so they know what to do in case something is amiss, and you can worry (a little bit) less about their safety while they are by themselves. 


Listed below are five ways to protect your teen with home security tools and systems while they're home alone


  1. Invest in a doorbell camera
  2. Reinforce points of entry
  3. Use a safe to keep valuables out of reach
  4. Place cameras in high traffic areas 
  5. Home security system with a panic button


doorbell camera

1. Invest in a doorbell camera

You probably had a conversation or two with your teen about who is allowed in your home when you're not around. You most likely have rules around guests and when they can come over. Still, an unexpected guest who comes about when you aren't home is something you should plan for.


A doorbell camera helps your teen pause and think about safety before answering the door. The camera, which can connect to your family member's smartphones, will let you and your teen know who's knocking and reduce the safety concerns for opening the door for strangers. A unique feature some doorbell cams have, such at the Ring, is a microphone. Your teen can tell the stranger they will not be opening the door. 


secure entry points

2. Reinforce points of entry

Most break ins either happen through the front door, 34%, or the windows, 23%. It's possible for an intruder to just turn a knob and walk right in. Let your teen know that doors and windows need to remain locked at all times. Reinforce entry points with deadbolt locks, which deter possible intruders because they are harder to pick or break. You can also invest in additional window locks to make basement and first-floor windows more secure and less prone to entry. 


Sliding glass doors are frequently forgotten as a point of entry because they are typically in the back of the home and concealed from the street. Intruders know this and sometimes try to use a backdoor entrance if they think they can open it easily.


Reinforce sliding glass doors with a dowel between the door and the wall frame. You could also use additional locks on these doors. A dowel can't be removed from the outside and prevents the door from sliding open, which appears to be a more secure option. 


the space safe

3. Use a safe to keep valuables out of reach

As much as you may try to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home when you are gone, chances are your teen may still have a friend or two over. To keep mischief at bay, store potentially dangerous items, such as a gun or taser, in a locked safe that is bolted down to the ground or into the wall. You can also store expensive items and cash in the safe. 


You will also want to keep your safe obscure so as not to tempt curious adolescents from tampering with the safe. There are many different safes on the market, but we recommend The Space Safe as it gives you some peace of mind through its incognito design that looks more like a tablet than a safe.


The Space Safe also has tamper sensors that will immediately let you know if anyone is trying to physically enter your safe through an alert on your phone. Not only will the safe alert you, but it will also immediately go into lock down mode so the safe is rendered inaccessible until you reset it with a code or fingerprint detection.


Can't remember if you put the right items in your safe?


No problem!


With The Space Safe, you can see the contents in your safe via your smartphone app. There are strategically placed cameras both in and outside the safe so you can check on your belongings to make sure your teen is safe from any potentially dangerous or tempting items. 


Security cameras

4. Place cameras in high traffic areas

Take the uncertainty out of your mind with well-placed cameras in and around your home. Outdoor cameras can help you see who is lurking around your property when they shouldn't be.

On the other hand, indoor cameras will allow you to see who is in your home and if they are pre-approved guests. Both options will make it easier to alert your teen that whoever is in the house needs to go or not to answer the door should a stranger be present. 


teen safety with panic button

5. Home security system with a panic button

A home security system creates safety and security within your home. If your teen is home alone, they should know how and when to arm or disarm the security system.


If your teen is home without you, they could benefit from a security system that has a panic button feature, either on the control panel or placed in a few areas around your home.


They will have easy access to help if they need it.


Curiosity and pushing the boundaries are in a teenager's blood. We hope these tips on enhancing your home's security will help keep your teen safe at home and your worry at bay.

Interested in a smart safe to protect your belongings? Buy The Space Safe. A one-of-a-kind smart safe packed with features to keep dangerous or tempting items out of reach of your teen's curiosity.



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— Danielle Cotter