Did you know most safe locks are crappy?

And you can actually break into some with a hanger in under 20 Seconds.

Well, not ours!!

Because at Space we care about your security and our smart safes.

Why is our lock so good?

Our passion led us to team up with a well-known security company to provide you with exceptional locks. The Space Safe uses one of the most resistant systems among mechanical locks and is within the second-highest tier of all high security locks. This complex system uses springless technology, disabling and limiting the possibility of picking, scanning, or drilling the lock.

Take a Look Inside…

The cylinders slide along the key’s curved cuts with exact precision and without needing additional force other systems require. 6 key curves bring 12 springless sliders into a specific position, scanned by 2 control bars, and more. Allowing for the key to be scanned 4 times, as opposed to 1 single scan that conventional mechanisms use. That’s 3x more scans to offer you maximum security.

How about the key?

  • The key has 4 curves that provide up to 133 billion possible key combinations.
  • A special feature is the overlapping key’s curve cuts, and additional security with side coding.
  • The key is reversible with a unique rounded tip.
  • Created from a nickel-silver alloy, the key is high wear resistant with anti-friction coating.

Fully certified

International and country specific certified makes
the safe’s lock suitable throughout Europe.

The key to staying protected

is making sure your privacy and safe is secure and strong; which other companies do not do.
The Space Safe is enveloped with thicker metal and equipped with a most advanced locking system to stay secure.
That is why we use a lock that retails for $200 per lock while other companies use a lock that retails for $10 per lock.

1 Images of locks, keys, and products are just for reference and may differ from actual product shipped.

2 Although Space uses third party components such as above, Space does not guarantee above information.