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Stay connected and protected everywhere you go with our discreet and elegant smart safe.

*Connection via WiFi is not required unless you want to receive notifications and use all smart safe features.
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US sold out until November 2024.
EU sold out until December 2024.

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112 monthly payments at 0% APR.

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Matte Black
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Your last line
of defense

Own the only safe to have 2 cameras and WiFi,
so you are in total control from anywhere in the world.

  • HD video and two-way talk
  • Advanced motion sensing
  • Remote alarm activation
  • Alert 911 in the app3

Secure it !!

With 2 predrilled holes in the back, and 2 predrilled holes in the bottom, easily bolt down4 and secure your safe to the floor or the wall to ensure no one is able to move or carry your safe out.

4 The bolts displayed in the video are for appearance purposes only. Bolts have covers and the covers are flush with the bottom of the safe.

* To avoid damage to your wall, ensure the wall can hold the weight of the safe and valuables inside before securing to the wall.

Compare your options

Digital Keypad
Biometric Access
Remote Notifications
Multiple Users
LCD Display 10" color touch 1.5"
Internal Light
Lockdown Mode
Over-the-air Updates
Outer Shell
(Lower gauge stronger)
9 Gauge steel
(Great) - dual wall
14 Gauge Steel
(Not great)
14 Gauge Steel
(Not great)
Powered by USB-C & Rechargeable
8,000 mAh Backup Battery
Exterior camera
Interior camera
Weight ~ 55 lbs 2.89 lbs 12.5 lbs 31.4 lbs
Interior Storage Space 0.67 cubic ft 0.06 cubic ft 0.69 cubic ft 0.85 cubic ft

Even works
in a blackout

The Space Safe requires you to plug in the discreet
power adapter to any active outlet.

In the event your power goes out, a hidden backup
battery will power your device5, or you can use the
backup key included to access your valuables.

Stay up to date

With our regular over-the-air software updates, your Space Safe can always
receive the newest features, and the most current technological upgrades.


  • Screen: 10” HD touchscreen display
  • Biometric: 508 dpi, 192 x 192 pixel
  • USB Charging: (2) USB-A & USB-C ports
  • Backup Battery Size: 7,200 mAh
  • Power: 110-240 ac 20w USB-C adapter
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4ghz and 5ghz
  • Camera: (2) HD video
  • Speaker and Microphone: 5w - 130db speaker for alarm and two-way talk
  • Tamper sensors: Accelerometer sensors
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Lights: (2) Interior LED lights, Customizable Exterior LED light strip, Biometric LED light


  • Weight: ~55 lbs
  • Shell Material: Double steel wall = 9-gauge steel, 4mm box, 5mm door
  • Front Face: Impact proof 3mm glass
  • Colors: Matte Silver Medallion or Obsidian Matte Black

So, how big are we talking?

Box Dimensions W x D x H: 16 x 12.1 x 9.85 inches (405mm x 308mm x 250mm) mm are exact
Door Depth: 3 inches (76mm)
Total Depth: 15.12 inches (384mm)

Interior Dimensions W x D x H: 14.66 x 9.6 x 8.2 inches (373mm x 244mm x 208mm)
Interior Space: .67 cu ft

in the box

1 Safe

1 x 12 Foot USB-C Cable
with 20W Adapter

2 x M8, 12mm Bolts with Expansion Anchors

3 x Keys

Tell me more..

  • How does the biometric access feature work and how many fingerprints can be stored?

    The biometric access feature utilizes a 508 DPI, 192 x 192 pixel fingerprint sensor. This high-resolution sensor allows for secure and quick fingerprint detection from any angle. By registering your fingerprints, you can unlock this smart safe with ease. Our advanced technology enables The Space Safe to store up to 100 fingerprints. Each user can conveniently store up to five fingerprints per profile, ensuring easy access for authorized individuals. If your fingerprint is not accepted, the light will flash red and every user will be notified of the attempt to access the safe. You have 5 fingerprint attempts before a lockdown occurs. This indication helps you understand when the print is not recognized, allowing for immediate reattempt or alternative access methods.

    Keep your valuables safe with our biometric safe. It can be challenging to find a safe that you feel is secure. Burglars have become more sophisticated with their methods making it easy for them to break into traditional safes and steal your hard-earned belongings.

    Our biometric safe is designed to protect your valuables when you need them the most. The Space Safe is perfect for individuals, businesses, and Airbnb owners. It can be used as a small gun safe or for holding other valuables such as passports, documents, or jewelry. Feel confident that your items are secure and safe from theft with The Space Safe.

    Own the only safe that allows storage of multiple fingerprints with easy enrollment and fingerprint management. In case you weren't aware, FBI-compliant systems require sensors to have a minimum 500 DPI (ours is 508 DPI). When was the last time you owned something that secure? A blue light will show when the sensor is ready to read your print, and a green light signifies the fingerprint was accepted and the safe will either open or store your fingerprint.

  • Can multiple users have their own unique access codes?

    Absolutely! This small gun safe supports multiple users, allowing up to four individuals to have their own unique pin code and fingerprint for access in normal mode. What that means is even if each user utilized the same PIN code, you do not risk opening the incorrect profile.

    Long gone are the days when you have to share your passcode with multiple people.

  • How does the temporary access feature work?

    The Space Safe has created a unique way if you need to allow someone who's not an authorized user of your safe to gain access to the biometric gun safe and your contents by granting them a one-time pin code. Easily generate a one-time code once every 24 hours. The code will only be active for five minutes once issued.

  • What happens if someone tries to forcefully open the safe?

    This biometric safe is equipped with accelerometer tamper sensors and detects when the smart safe feels any movements set by your threshold or for extreme force. Protect your belongings with the mobile app. If someone tries to forcefully open the safe, a lockdown mode on the safe is automatically triggered and the safe's interface will become inaccessible. Sensors and notifications remain active and you will be notified via our mobile app. Lockdown will also be automatically enabled if someone enters an incorrect pin code three times in a row. You can open the app to view a live stream of what's happening around your safe. You can also manually toggle your safe's lockdown mode remotely if you choose to.

  • Can I monitor my safe remotely?

    Yes! Enable access to our mobile app and feel secure with the additional features gained from the app. With our mobile app, you can remotely monitor your safe's surroundings through the live streaming feature. This allows you to stay connected and have peace of mind, knowing that you can always check on your valuables.

    Connect your biometric gun safe to WiFi and easily connect and sync your safe to our mobile app. Our mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. As you initially set up your safe or anytime after that, you'll have the option to connect your safe to WiFi and our app using a unique pin or QR code. Each user has their own QR code and mobile app profile. The activity log lets you review every time a person has successfully or unsuccessfully attempted to get into your safe and when new firmware or software has been installed for added protection. You can see which users attempted to access your safe with our multiple cameras live streaming feed - this is an unauthorized users' worst nightmare. We offer a subscription plan if you'd like to save and store your recordings or if you want to see footage in HD.

    Protect against environmental damage with the temperature and humidity sensors. If the interior of the safe reaches a certain level of temperature or humidity, you will receive notifications through our app. This feature is particularly useful for safeguarding sensitive documents from moisture-related damage.

  • How does The Space Safe handle power outages?

    Ensure your safe is powered at all times with the equipped 12-foot USB-C cable and power adapter. Connect your safe to a power outlet and in the event of a power outage, a hidden lithium-ion backup battery will power the safe. Alternatively, you can also use one of the three keys that come with the safe to access your belongings at any time without the safe requiring any power.

    The front screen of the safe includes a battery icon displaying its' percentage. If the battery is charging, you'll see a lightning bolt in the battery icon. You can also access information about the battery and charge percentage in our mobile app. If the backup battery becomes the main source of power, your device will automatically go into low-power mode. During low power mode, the safe will attempt to conserve as much power as possible. You'll still receive notifications but not as frequently.

  • What happens if I forget my PIN or my fingerprint does not work?

    In the event that you forget your PIN code, or your fingerprint is not working, this biometric safe includes a set of three backup keys for manual access. The backup keys will override the system for access and all users will be notified if a key is used to access the safe.

    Why place an order for our biometric safe? Because The Space Safe is the leading small fingerprint safe and offers you the most advanced technology any safe has to offer. The sleek and attractive design of the safe is one of the most discreet on the market featuring a sophisticated tempered glass steel door, rounded edges, and an unobtrusive handle. Ensure your precious items and documents are protected at all times with our innovations. Customize your safe's exterior LED lights by choosing your favorite color to match your aesthetic and the design of your room. Easily tuck the safe in the back of your closet, in a drawer, or under your bed; just make sure you have at least a 16 inches width, 16 inch depth, and 10 inches of height to store it.

  • Where can I download the manual?

    You can download the manual by clicking Shere.

  • 1 Monthly payments are made for a total of 12 months at 0% APR through Affirm.
  • 2 Free shipping is for conterminous US only. International shipping will be calculated accordingly.
  • 3 Alerting 911 from the App sends a text to your countries emergency services (911 for US, 999 for UK, etc). 911 via SMS is still being tested nationally. User reserves all responsibility for this service.
  • 5 Backup battery lasts for a few hours. We are constantly working on coding to improve the overall longevity of the battery during a power outage.