7 Ways to Store Your Cash Safely at Home

7 Ways to Store Your Cash Safely at Home


Where to hide money - in a safe or piggy bank

Sometimes, it feels like physical currency is on its way out. With so many methods to exchange money, such as debit and credit cards, mobile pay, and transfer applications like Venmo and Paypal, or even cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, most of us never see the money we earn in cold hard cash. Even though there are many easy ways to spend money, it’s never a bad idea to have some bills and coins on hand. However, most people feel apprehensive about keeping thousands or even hundreds of hard-earned dollars in their homes. Luckily, there are many safe ways to store cash in your home, such as in a biometric safe.

Why Store Cash?

With electronic mobile banking leading the way in most of the world, it may seem a little pointless to store paper bills in your home, but there are many reasons to consider this precaution. Here are just a few reasons:

Natural Disasters

natural disaster


Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and fires are all natural disasters we have little to no control over. If something like this happens and electronic banking fails, you’ll be glad to have some physical currency to keep you and your family afloat. For example; during Hurricane Sandy, when the power went out, the only way to pay for goods was with cash. 

Bank Fraud

bank theft


While mobile banking is reasonably secure, bad things can happen! If someone manages to hack into your account or acquire your information, they may be able to gain access to your funds. Keeping a stack of bills at home can protect you from being entirely robbed in case something of this nature happens.


tipping the delivery man


While not necessarily an emergency, your local pizza delivery guy deserves a tip! Especially if he’s delivering during a natural disaster. Having cash on hand allows you to tip service workers with physical currency. Employees in some industries only want to get paid in cash, such as day workers or nannies.

Other Cash Emergencies

lost wallet


If you need a pile of cash in a pinch, having quick access to it can make all the difference. Most people recommend having enough for you and your family to survive for at least a couple of months in case you don’t have access to your bank for an extended period. Have you ever lost your wallet and only realized it at the end of the day? The bad news is if you lost your wallet and debit card, there’s no way to get cash during the night and you would have to wait for a bank to open the next day. The good news is if you own a safe with some cash in it, you will have something to use until your replacement cards arrive in the mail.

7 Different Ways to Stockpile Your Cash

If you’re convinced it’s a good idea to withdraw some cash, you may feel worried about where to store it. Somewhere not too obvious, but not too complicated either. Here are a few different places to keep your emergency fund.

1. Plain Sight

Avoid obvious places like your sock drawer, office, or purse. Hiding it in plain sight could mean an inconspicuous container in the freezer or a box in the pantry. Ensure the bills and coins are in an airtight, secure bag to protect against critters and moisture.

2. In a Fixture

There are a lot of different home fixtures to hide a small wad of cash in: light fixtures, outlets, switches, electrical boxes, etc. Be sure to take note and let your loved ones know where you hide it so you can access it in an emergency, or in case you forget.

3. Buried Treasure

digging hole in the ground


What about making your very own real buried treasure? Dig a hole in your garden and bury your fortune if you wish–just make sure it’s in a sealed, secure container and marked with an easily identifiable object, so you don’t have to scour the backyard when you need it! This may not be a great option if you need quick access to your bills.

4. Potted Plant

potted plants


Who would ever guess that Pothos or Snake Plant in the corner is worth a lot more than a few dollars? Store your pack of cash in a sealed bag in the soil or pot for safekeeping, but beware of extra moisture and bugs. It may be worth considering a faux plant to avoid any risk of damage.

5. A Secret Vent

The old vent trick…we see this one a lot in movies, and because it takes some extra effort to access, most thieves won’t have the time to check all the vents in your house, making a vent a good option as long as you remember which one you put it in!

6. Under the Mattress

money under the mattress


Cash under the mattress is about as basic as you can get, but having it right beneath you as you sleep can give you extra peace of mind.

7. The Best Option: A Safe

While these are all viable places to store your money, the safest way is in a biometric safe. Thanks to technological advancements, we recommend a smart safe over traditional safes as an incredibly secure place to store your cash, other valuables, and important documents.


Our Recommendation: The Space Safe

The Space Safe



The Space Safe is a futuristic fingerprint safe with various features that make it the best place to keep your cold hard cash. This home safe security feature is incredibly innovative and keeps you connected to your safe from anywhere in the world.

Protect Paper Bills From Damage

Light exposure, insects, and extreme humidity pose a risk for delicate paper bills. Electing to store your cash in The Space Safe protects your money from all three of these threats. Temperature and humidity sensors can be monitored from your mobile device, allowing you to take action if any conditions are not ideal–something that cannot be done from a traditional safe.

Advanced Biometric Authentication

The Space Safe uses 360-degree live fingerprint detection, meaning that only you or anyone else with authorization will be able to access the interior. This advanced technology is even up to standards with FBI-compliant systems, making it incredibly secure. Allowing access to the biometric scanner is an option. Those who prefer to use a pin code instead can also do so.

Theft Protection

We know that home safe security is of the utmost importance to you, which is why The Space Safe is equipped with several features that aid protection against theft. Advanced tamper sensors can detect movement or failed attempts to open. Your biometric safe will send alerts to your mobile device if tampering is detected. Additionally, our fingerprint safe is integrated with two HD cameras, with footage streaming from your device to your cellphone so you can see exactly who is trying to gain access to your valuables. You can even initiate a remote lockdown from the app, displaying an alarming message that will deter the thief from trying anything else.

Stockpile Your Cash Somewhere Secure

While there are many different places where you can store physical currency, a smart safe is a superior and incredibly secure option that we recommend. Be prepared for anything by stockpiling your cash in a biometric safe you know you can trust from anywhere in the world in this safe space.


Get it now at www.TheSpaceSafe.com  

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— Elsie Day