8 Tips on Caring for Your Elderly Loved Ones

8 Tips on Caring for Your Elderly Loved Ones


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Aging is inevitable, and there comes a time for most of us when we need to take care of an elderly loved one, such as our aging parents or grandparents. When that time arrives, it is imperative that you learn how to take care of them properly, respect them, and treat them with love and have patience. This transition won’t be easy for you and your loved ones, and making all the necessary adjustments requires extended patience from both parties. To lessen the stress that comes with this shift, it is helpful to know what the important things to accomplish are when taking care of your elderly loved ones. Getting old is part of the circle of life - you may not want to do it because it’s a heavy burden, but when you get older, your loved ones will feel the same way.

Did you know that Americans over 60 lost $1.7 billion to home improvement scams in 2021? This shocking statistic highlights the serious threat that scams pose to older Americans. Home improvement scams come in many different forms, such as basic home repair or after a natural disaster strikes.


So, to help you out, we have come up with 8 tips on how to properly take care of your elderly loved ones and securely store certain valuables in a trusted fingerprint safe. Some elder ones don’t have family that take care of them and use a service. Having a safe to store these valuables is important. 

  1.     Take Time to Visit

grandparents bonding with grandchild

    Your elderly loved ones want to feel that you care for them by visiting often and spending quality time with them. In doing so, you get the assurance that they are safe and are doing well mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Your time of visit is also the best time to check their home for any issues that may put them to harm and must be resolved quickly. Also, if they have grandkids, bring them when you visit and allow them to bond with each other over food, movies, music, board games, or any activity they love to do together.

    1.     Secure Valuables in a Fingerprint Safe

    The Space Safe safe box

      According to statistics, seniors are the target of scammers and as reported by the FBI, there were 92,371 older fraud victims in 2021. We know what this means for us – securing all our elderly loved ones’ valuables at home in a reliable safe box is crucial, knowing that they are susceptible to scams. While a lot of other safes claim to be the best, The Space Safe is the only trusted fingerprint safe for securing valuables, such as money, jewelry, medical reports, important documents, and keys.


      We know that The Space Safe is the best for securing valuables because of its remarkable features, such as the following:

      Interior and Exterior Cameras

      The Space Safe cameras

      The Space Safe is the world’s first biometric safe to have interior and exterior cameras allowing you to keep tabs on anybody who tries to gain access, and what valuables they are touching if they’re successful in gaining access. You can access The Space App on your phone for camera feeds and check on your loved ones’ valuables inside the safe.


      The Space Safe lockdown

      If the safe is unsuccessfully accessed three times, it will go into lockdown making the login screen inaccessible to anybody; once this happens, the alarms will go off and you can alert 911 through the app. You will receive notifications after every unsuccessful attempt and if lockdown gets enabled. So, it gives you peace of mind that the elderly’s valuables are secured and nobody can touch the safe without your knowledge. If an unauthorized person tampers with the biometric safe, it feels reassuring to know that the cops can be notified easily.

      Multiple User Access

      The Space Safe user access

      If other people, such as your siblings or a trusted caretaker, are also taking care of your loved ones, you can give them access to the safe because it allows you to add up to 4 users. Each user will have their own PIN code, and if somebody decides to stop taking care of them, you can instantly disable that user’s profile so they can no longer access the safe. If you’d like, you can also grant others temporary access through a one-time PIN code that lasts up to five minutes.

      Sleek Design and Faux Screens

      The Space Safe faux screen

      You don’t always know who comes in and out of your elderly loved ones’ house unless you’re with them 24/7; therefore, using The Space Safe is the best choice because its unique and modern design doesn’t resemble a typical square-faced safe box with digital keypads and knobs, making it unrecognizable to the untrained eye. You can also display a faux lock screen to further disguise the safe, and you can choose from a faux printer, faux radio, the weather, or an image. We love The Space Safe because it can be hidden in plain sight, and anybody who visits the elderly’s place will have no idea that the safe is an actual fingerprint safe.

      1.     Make Their Home Safe and Accessible

      safe home for elderly

        If you haven’t already, you must make the elderly’s home safe for them to move around and not accidentally fall over. Any kind of injury or fall, even a single slipping on a wet floor, can be detrimental, so keep their home safe and their things easily accessible. Some of the things you can do are the following:

        •       Install a ramp for wheelchairs or walkers
        •       Install grab bars and handrails in the toilet
        •       Install smoke and CO detectors, and security cameras
        •       Place everything they need, such as medicine, food, and toiletries, in an accessible cabinet.
        •       Place non-skid mats in the kitchen, toilet door, and other potentially slippery areas
        •       Keep extra clutter and household hazards away
        1.     Encourage An Active Lifestyle

        elderly active lifestyle

          Staying at home and becoming physically stagnant will only contribute to the deterioration of their bodies, hence, it is important that you encourage them to keep an active lifestyle. Of course, you can’t force an elderly who’s too weak, but if the doctor declares that they’re fit to exercise, then push them to do it. Enroll them in an exercise class that suits their needs; that way, they will feel involved and will maintain connections with other people, making them less lonely and isolated.

          1.     Hire External Help

          girl walking with elderly person

            If you’re the only one in the family who’s available to take care of an elderly family member, we do recommend hiring a trusted helper or adult caretaker to assist. Admit it or not, you also have things and people to take care of other than your elderly loved ones, and some days can be impossible for you to take on everything yourself. So, it’s great to hire someone to help assist your elderly family member in their activities such as running errands, showering, or housekeeping. Just make sure to hire someone you personally know or go through a licensed agency with a good track record, so you can trust them and give them access to the elderly’s valuables inside The Space Safe, the best home safe ever, in case the need arises. 

            1.     Provide Safe Transportation

            elderly man in bus

              After losing much of their mobility, the elderly must pass on the car keys to someone more capable of driving. While it can be difficult for them at the beginning because they’re used to driving by themselves, it's something they must do to maintain their safety. If you’re not available to drive them around, you can check your local area for available senior transportation options.

              1.     Provide Healthy Meals

              elderly couple eating together

                Every food that the elderly eats is crucial to maintain a healthy body; hence, you must provide them with nutrition-packed meals. If someone else does the grocery for them, make sure to provide a list of the goods to get so you know they’re getting the right nutrition. You can also qualify your elderly loved ones for assisted meal services if there are any in your area, just see to it that their special requests are accommodated such as recipe modifications if they have high cholesterol or diabetes.

                1.     Secure The Important Documents

                confidential documents

                  While you are taking care of them in the present, make sure you don’t forget to prepare for the future. Taking care of the necessary paperwork and ensuring that everything’s up-to-date is major and must be given extra effort. You can also decide with them on the power of attorney, as well as their last will. While this can be a sensitive topic for many elderly, it is essential to keep things in order and maintain peace among family members. Once you are able to secure all the important documents, don’t forget to store them in our recommended best home safe which is The Space Safe

                  Key Takeaway

                  Taking care of your elderly loved ones requires time, effort, and money. You will surely face challenges along the way and by following these 8 tips, we’re hopeful that you can fulfill the role well. Always remember that they are the target of scammers, so don’t forget to secure their homes at all times, and store their valuables in The Space Safe – the most reliable fingerprint safe in today’s market.


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