Best High-End Gifts for 2022

Best High-End Gifts for 2022

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The holiday is just around the corner, and we all know what that means–presents, presents, presents! While our moms may love new chinaware to add to their collections, and our dads may want a replacement for their worn-out wallets, it doesn’t hurt to splurge on luxurious and high-end gifts, especially for the people closest to our hearts. We’re not saying a new wallet, chinaware, or any other heartfelt gifts are bad ideas, we’re saying that the people dearest to us deserve more. Not to mention, we find that most gift guides are usually limited to lower budgets like $50 or $100. So, if you’re looking for a sign to go out of your way in giving gifts this holiday season, this is it! Our holiday gift guide has got you covered on the best high-end gift ideas for 2022. 

Best High-End Gifts

  1. The Space Safe



The Space Safe is the most innovative and technologically advanced biometric safe in the history of safety boxes, making it a unique gift this holiday season. It is unlike any other biometric safe that is out on the market because of its remarkable features. These unique features are not in any other safe; interior and exterior cameras that allow the owner to see who touches the safe, a massive LCD touchscreen display, guest access, multiple-user profiles, interior USB ports, and a lot more. Their biometric fingerprint sensor, tamper-proof sensors, and app connectivity - while other safes have these 3 features, The Space Safe uses much more advanced specs, making it worth every penny..


The best part about The Space Safe is it doesn’t look like the typical square-faced safe box that you can easily recognize, neither from afar or upclose. Check it out for more details and security features, and you’ll agree why we put this at #1.

  1. Apple Watch Series 8

Apple watch  

Apple Watch is a smartwatch that gives a high-tech way to tell time and remain connected to your iPhone. Not only does the watch provide convenience in checking notifications from your phone, it also has a crash-detection feature that checks on its owner, notifies authorities, and alerts preferred contacts in cases of a car accident. This year's Apple Watch is the best yet and has some cool features. If you don’t own one, then check it out. If you own a series 6 or newer, you don’t need to upgrade. 

  1. Peloton Bike

Peloton stationary bike  

The holidays are both a season of giving and eating; hence, this Peloton stationary cycling bike is the perfect gift for burning the holiday calories away. The bike has a sleek compact design, a stereo system, and a 10-point multitouch touchscreen LCD that makes exercising all the more exciting. If you don’t have the time to look good for your soulcycle class and want to take this routine to your home - it’s perfect for you. 

  1. LARQ’s Self-Cleaning Bottle

LARQ bottle  

To help reduce plastic waste and save the ecosystem, it is highly encouraged to use a reusable water bottle like the LARQ self-cleaning bottle. Aside from the bottle’s aesthetically pleasing look, it has a UV light that kills bacteria in a matter of 60 seconds, and it self-cleans every 2 hours. Being an insulated bottle, it can keep the water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. While we haven’t tried it, it is a unique product. 

  1. HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket

HigherDose portable sauna  

Wouldn’t it be a real treat for your hardworking loved ones to experience the benefits of a sauna in the comfort of their own home? All thanks to HigherDOSE’s infrared sauna blanket, your recipient can enjoy a sauna session at home and enjoy its benefits, such as detoxifying the body, relieving muscle pain, and boosting metabolic rate even while laying down.

  1. Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler

Dyson multi-styler  Dyson Airwrap is a luxury gift item on every beauty lover’s wish list. This Airwrap is a popular multi-styler that works well with a variety of hair types, and it comes with six different attachments to help achieve the perfect hairdo. This year’s special edition also comes with a detangling comb, paddle brush, and travel pouch. If you blowdry your hair every day or even once a week, this is the best out there, and you’ll know it once you try it!


  1. Philips Pasta Maker

 Philips pasta maker Making pasta from scratch is really easy, but time consuming a messy. A good gift for somebody who loves to make pasta from scratch is this luxurious Philips Pasta Maker. All they must do is put in the ingredients and wait, while the machine does all the hard work of making pasta. Who would’ve thought that making pasta will be as easy as 1-2-3 and clean?


  1. Breville Espresso Machine

Breville espresso machine

There’s no better way to enjoy cold holiday mornings than to sip a cup of hot coffee at your dining table or by the fireplace. Make your loved ones indulge in this pleasure by gifting them a Breville espresso machine that’s compatible with Nespresso coffee capsules. Get the best of both worlds - Breville and Nespresso. The espresso machine includes an LCD menu, self-cleaning options, and a built-in milk frother.

  1. Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker


Marshall bluetooth speaker  

The design of the Stanmore II wireless Bluetooth speaker is reminiscent of the brand’s iconic guitar amplifier, thus, making it a perfect gift for audiophiles. Not only is this speaker famous for the legendary Marshall logo and its high-quality sound output, it’s famous for having specific knobs for controlling the volume, treble, and bass outputs making it look more like an amp than a Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is just great.

  1. GoPro Hero10

GoPro hero 10  

Complete your adventurous loved ones’ holiday wish list by giving them the gift of reliving precious memories through the GoPro Hero10 waterproof action camera. It is the best camera for capturing action-packed videos and can record up to 60 frames per second. Aside from its high recording capacity, this camera can capture still pictures, time-warp footage, and slow-mo videos. Yet another great camera from GoPro!

  1. iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO Vacuum

 robot vacuum

Unload someone’s burden and have something else clean their homes by giving them an iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO robot vacuum. The vacuum uses smart AI, so it knows how to navigate the house on its own and effortlessly clean different floor types. The robot vacuum can also be controlled through its app, so they can use it whenever they want without the need to go near it. Although it doesn’t work as fast as some competitor models, it is a good one, especially for the value.

  1. Meta Quest 2


What’s not to love about VR? For tech-savvy people, the perfect entertainment gift can be the Meta Quest 2  - which allows them to enjoy an immersive VR experience. Its starter bundle is packed with everything needed to enter and spend time in the virtual world, including two controllers, a headphone, and a charging cable.

Most Recommended High-End Gift: A Smart Biometric Safe

While all the gifts in this gift guide are amazing and can make your loved ones happy, nothing beats a gift that provides them security and peace knowing that their valuables are kept in safety, especially when they are outside of the house. This holiday, make your loved ones feel that you truly care about their safety and well-being by giving them the The Space Safe — the one and only futuristic biometric safe in the market today.


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