Biometric or Conventional Safe: Which is Right for You?

Biometric or Conventional Safe: Which is Right for You?


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Technology is undoubtedly advancing and developing at a fast speed, and people are constantly innovating products with technology to make our lives a lot easier. The same goes for security safes and lock boxes. Today’s digital safes vary significantly from conventional safes, as they don’t require mechanical keys to be accessed, but biometric scans of either a fingerprint or retina. Biometric and conventional safes are two types of safes with their locking mechanism as the main difference. You can use either safe to protect your valuables, but the question lies, "which safe is right for you?" 

Without a doubt, many people look at biometric safes as the more futuristic and better option, but is this type of safe box as similar in security as a safe with traditional locks? To help you out, we have curated a list of relevant information regarding both types of safes, so you can decide which safe is right for you. 

What is A Conventional Safe?

Conventional safe boxes are key-operated or dials safes, and are simple and less expensive compared to biometric safes. The only way that you can access a conventional safe is by using mechanical keys that match the safe’s lock or placing the PIN by twisting the dial. With conventional safes, you don’t have to worry about a power outage or a system malfunction because you don’t have to plug them in a socket. Your main concern is not to lose your keys, else you wouldn’t be able to access your safe. 

Advantages of Conventional Safes

1. Traditional Locking Method

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Conventional safes require the traditional lock-and-key or dial knob method, thus, many people are already familiar with how it works. Conventional safes can be accessed easily by people who are not savvy on the use of technology, and prefer the classic way of securing their valuables. 

2. Do Not Require Electricity or Batteries

With conventional safes for home or office, you don’t have to worry about a power outage or running out of batteries because you don’t need them to access the safe. You only need your keys or the PIN to gain access to your valuables in the safe.


Conventional safes can somehow protect your valuables, but nothing beats The Space Safe -- the leading smart biometric safe in the market -- in providing maximum security to your valuables. 

What Is a Biometric Safe? 

Biometrics refers to a person's unique physical characteristics that can't be replicated and can be used to identify and validate one's identity. As its name suggests, biometric safes make use of an individual's biometric markers to access the safe successfully. Types of biometrics authentication can be retinal, fingerprint, voice recognition, face recognition, and digital signatures. In order to access the safe, a person must press or lean toward the safe's scanner; if the scanner recognizes the biometric, the safe opens. If anyone attempts to access the safe with their biometric fingerprint or retina and is not recognized by the technology, the safe will be unsuccessful and will not unlock. 


Some biometric safes have an alarm system that goes off when an unrecognized person tries to open the safe after several unsuccessful attempts. By having digital components such as this, it provides an extra security system that most traditional lock-and-key safes offer. 


The Space Safe is a a biometric safe we recommend that has a great alarm system and way of notifying you. 


The Space Safe


Advantages of Biometric Safes

While a conventional safe box is generally cheaper than biometric safes, biometric safes definitely has numerous advantages. 

1. Convenience

The primary advantage of a biometric safe is convenience. Imagine not having to carry mechanical keys or possible experience the hassle of losing them. Biometric safes also are great because you do not have to memorize and enter the PIN code as you would on a conventional keypad safe. Conventional safes are highly vulnerable to key loss too. 

2. Quick Access

Unlike the mechanism on conventional safe boxes, biometric safes are easier to open. Getting your keys or entering your PIN code can be quite time consuming, but with biometric safes, you won't be wasting your precious time because all you have to do is stand in front of your safe and simply scan your biometric fingerprint or retina depending on the type of safe you own. 

3. Heightened Restrictions and Security 

To gain access to a conventional safe, anybody can try their luck by duplicating or stealing the key and figuring out the code combination. Once successful, they will be able to get hold of your valuables. 


However, with a biometric safe you won't encounter this kind of risk . Your fingers and retina are nearly impossible to steal and copy! It can also be easier for you to track whoever has access to the safe by looking at its database. 


When looking for the right biometric safe, make sure to do your homework and purchase a safe with a good sensor or reader. We love The Space Safe because the biometric sensor on it is a great one. Cheaper sensors may provide false positives and could be less secure.  

4. Access To Multiple Users

Biometric safes can usually store several biometrics fingerprints to help with security or allow others access to the safe. All you have to do is register their fingerprint scans on the safe for instant access. 


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While many safes do offer the ability to enroll several biometric fingerprints per safe, it is nearly impossible to unenroll specific fingerprints, which makes knowing which fingerprints are enrolled impossible. With The Space Safe, you have the ability to see on the LCD touchscreen device exactly who enrolled their fingerprint, and you can see which specific fingers are enrolled. It is the first safe of its kind to do this, and we love this feature. 

5.  Less Exposure To Sudden Changes and Damages

As time passes, conventional keys can get lost or stolen, and combination codes can be forgotten. Problems will only arise if you will lose your finger or develop a visual impairment, other than that, your biometric safes will remain easily accessible by you. Best of all, many biometric safes have more than one way to enter the safe; either with key or code. With The Space Safe, all 3 options are available, and The Space Safe even offers a two factor authentication to really be super secure. 

Our Recommended Safe

Choosing between a biometric and a conventional safe will ultimately be a personal preference, because both types of safes have their pros and cons. Always make security your top priority when choosing the right safe. Our recommendation is The Space Safe - it is the most innovative safe and an excellent biometric smart safe unlike anything else in the market, making it worth your every penny.

1. Secure

The Space Safe stands apart with its 256 AES-bit encryption Plus, you can also use the safe without connecting to internet, but with limited features only. 

2. Tamper Sensors and HD Cameras

The Space Safe lockdown


Accelometers that are in The Space Safe trigger a notification if the safe gets dropped, tilted, or attempted to be moved. If any suspicious movement is detected , the safe will automatically go into lockdown mode, making the login screen inaccessible and will display an alarming message on the screen. For added security, it also has interior and exterior cameras that shows whoever tries to open the safe.

3. Sleek and Discreet

This smart safe has a sleek design that looks like a tablet or a printer from afar. Burglars wouldn’t even think of it as a safe. Its discreet design is far different from any other  safe to date and because of it, serves as another layer of security. With the front LCD, activate one of it’s many screensavers to  disguise the safe; you can choose from a faux printer, faux radio, the weather, or a family photo. Hardware- and software-wise, The Space Safe is unmatched! 

4. Backup Battery

If typical biometric safes concern you because you can’t access them when they run out of batteries, then The Space Safe is the perfect safe for you. It has a backup battery that activates when necessary so you can always access your safe. In the odd case your safe’s power completely goes out, then use one of the three spare keys that come with the safe. 

There’s more to The Space Safe than it’s physical beauty. So, grab one for your home and experience maximum security. 

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-- Charisse Thompson