Biometric or Conventional: Which Safe Option is Right for You?

Biometric or Conventional: Which Safe Option is Right for You?


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The thought of dealing with a break-in can induce a lot of anxiety for many people. Finding a reliable way to safeguard your personal items is a great way to protect your privacy and prevent losses. Safes are dependable locking boxes you can use to store valuables, sensitive documents, and even firearms. Investing in a biometric safe can help you sleep a little easier at night, knowing potential intruders won’t be able to access private documents or expensive goods. With so many options for home safe security, it can be challenging to know what will suit your needs best, and that’s why we are here to help.

So Many Options for Security

Safes come in all different shapes and sizes. They come with varying measures of security and lock types. If you’re unsure which safe will be best for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Conventional Safes

Conventional safes have been around for hundreds of years. They typically use dial locks, keys, or key codes to prevent theft. While traditional safes have many drawbacks compared to smart safes, they may be ideal in some situations. 

A conventional safe may be the right choice for you for the following reasons:

You Like Traditional Locking Methods

If you prefer to go traditional when it comes to locking methods, a conventional safe may be the right choice. Conventional safes require users to set a code or carry a key. Unfortunately, if you lose the key or forget the combination, you may have to call a locksmith to help open up your safe - which would cost you dearly. Additionally, some locks can be broken into or hacked rather easily. Still, some individuals prefer these methods to protect their possessions.

You Want to Store Large Items

If you need to store many large, valuable heirlooms, piles of cash, or rifles, you may need to go the traditional route regarding your new safe. However, a large safe requires ample space, and it will be difficult to obscure your hiding place, making it evident to intruders.

You Like a Standard Appearance

Something is intriguing about the appearance of a traditional safe. You can’t help but wonder what might be in there; jewelry, cash, a burner phone, documents for a secret identity? That mysterious lockbox can’t help but make your imagination run wild. Some people may like this aesthetic and want to flaunt it, which doesn’t make them a very secure place for your items. 

You Don’t Like High-Tech Products

Believe it or not, some people don’t like innovative tech products. People who are less familiar with technology may prefer a conventional safe over a fingerprint safe because they may think it’s more secure or easier to use and set up. They may be unaware of just how easy it is to operate a biometric safe such as The Space Safe, which is unlike any other safe out there.

Biometric Safes

The Space Safe


The Space Safe is the future of security. 

With so many innovative features, here are some signs that a biometric smart safe is perfect for you:

You are Tech-Savvy

The tech world seems to grow exponentially, with amazing products released constantly. The Space Safe is built with the future in mind. Outfitted with tamper sensors, remote notifications, and FBI-standard biometrics, it’s the safest place to secure documents, electronics, jewelry, cash, handguns, and other possessions.

You Travel Often

If you travel often for work or leisure, The Space Safe is the perfect option for your home safe security needs. Connect your biometric safe with your mobile device and monitor your valuables from anywhere in the world. The Space Safe has two integrated HD cameras that stream live video feed straight to your phone via the mobile app. You’ll receive notifications if suspicious activity occurs, or if someone incorrectly enters the pin code. If anyone ever attempts to access your personal items, you’ll know immediately and be able to notify 911 straight from The Space App.

You’re Forgetful and Lose Things Easily

We all lose and forget things from time to time, but losing the key to your safe or forgetting the combination is costly and annoying. In addition to keys and PIN codes, The Space Safe uses 360-degree live fingerprint detection to authorize access, so you don’t have to worry about hauling around a key or remembering a complicated code. Simply scan your finger to open your safe.

You Want Something Discreet

The Space Safe discreet safe


The Space Safe has a sleek, modern design that makes it look less like a safe and more like a tablet or other high-tech device. The LCD touchscreen display only lights up when you touch it, so odds are, a burglar won’t even notice it! The convenient size is big enough to hold all your items but small enough to hide in an inconspicuous place.

You Need Multiple Users to Have Access

Do you have multiple adults in the house? Or do you want a close family member or friend to access your fingerprint safe in an emergency? Each Space Safe can hold the biometric safe data for up to four users with five fingerprints each. The administrator can easily edit user data via The Space App.

You Host One or More Airbnbs

The Space Safe is the perfect safe for Airbnb hosts and guests. In Airbnb mode, your guest can check in on the device to gain temporary access for them to use throughout their stay. You will have 24 hours to deny or accept the dates. Once the guest checks out, they will no longer have access to the safe. 

You Want to Trigger Remote Lockdown

The Space Safe lockdown


If the accelerometers on your biometric safe detect tampering or a code was entered incorrectly three times, it will go into automatic Lockdown Mode. In Lockdown Mode, the interface will become unusable, displaying an alarming message and will sound an alarm. You will also receive a notification and be able to view the live camera feed to make sure it wasn’t just your cat jumping around the house and on your safe.


The Space Safe: The Best Option for You

A smart safe is the way to go if you want a futuristic storage option for your valuables. The Space Safe has endless security measures that will help you feel better about the safety of your possessions. Order The Space Safe and sleep better knowing you’re protected and ensure a safe space!


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-- Elsie Day