Biometric Safes Pros and Cons

Biometric Safes Pros and Cons


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Why Safes?

The first safe emerged during the 13th century BC. It was found in Pharaoh Ramesses II’s tomb. It was built with movable pins that were used to lock and unlock the box. Since then, safes have always been used to store valuables and to prevent theft and destruction. Over the years, safe technology has rapidly evolved, and of the more recent developments are biometric safes.

Gone are the days that you need to worry about inputting complicated secret pins or use multiple keys to access your safe. Instead, with the use of biometric safes, it’s made  to be simple -  put your finger on top of a scanner or gain access using facial and iris features to your home safe box New features such as anti-prying have also been added to make it even safer.

But the question is, are biometric safes really better than traditional mechanical key safes, card-swipe safes, or combination safes? Well, there’s only one way to know the answer, and that’s to put its pros and cons side by side.


Advantages of Biometric Safes

Here are the top advantages of owning a biometric safe:

1. Store Multiple Fingerprints

Unlike traditional safes which require keys that can be easily lost, biometric safes can store multiple fingerprints. This means that there is no need for you to make multiple keys and worry about them maybe falling into the wrong hands.

Moreover, some biometric safes also keep a record of who opened the safe, when it was open, and how long it was opened. This way, if there are any forms of theft, it would be easy to identify how they are able to access it.

Assessing this information is usually tedious and requires you to export information from your safe to a thumb drive, then open that information on your computer. Thankfully, with The Space Safe, that information can be instantly viewable on the app or on the safe’s screen, which no other safe offers.

2. No Combinations to Remember

One of the biggest problems safe owners face is they need to remember yet another combination to open their safe. When someone hasn’t used a combination for a long time, its normal that they may forgot their pin code. A study that came out in April 2021 shows 57% of people forget their passcodes. With this, many are forced to hire locksmiths, and some people even need to resort to breaking their entire safe to gain access. Not only is this inconvenient, but the cost of hiring a locksmith can be quite expensive; in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

None of which is a problem with biometric safes, because there’s no pin code for you to remember.  All you need is your fingerprint, and you can open your home safe in a matter of seconds. 

3. Quicker Access  

Suppose you are storing a gun in your safe for home safety and protection. Inputting pin codes or turning dials can be quite time-consuming, especially during life and death situations. That isn’t the case with biometrics safes because you can get instant access with your fingerprint.

4. More Secure

In theory, a biometric safe is more secure than a lock or keypad safe because kids or those who want to steal something will not be able to access your safe since they don’t have your fingerprint or unique bodily features.


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Disadvantages of Biometric Safes

Just like with any other item, biometric safes can have their fair share of downsides. This includes the following:


1. Dependent on Power

All biometric safes require some kind of power source for the biometric scanners to work. This means that if there is a power outage in your area, it will be difficult for you to open it. For that reason, most companies have their safes run on cheap AA batteries, which is great, however, the battery life is usually short, and when the battery is dying, you are generally not notified. Which means when the battery finally dies, you can’t access your safe. Luckily, The Space Safe uses both power source and battery, and will notify you remotely if the power source gets disconnected and resorts to the battery life.

2. False Scans

There are some biometric safes that easily have false scans, allowing unauthorized people to open it and poorly authenticate fingerprints. This is why when you buy a biometric safe, make sure to get it from a reputable brand that uses reliable scanning technology such as Space. The more DPI and advanced their scanning technology, the harder it is to have a false scan.

3. Cost

Biometric safes are significantly more expensive than traditional safes. This is mostly because the technology is very costly, and because of those high costs, they likely use other high-quality materials to help offset the retail price.

They also have added layers of protection that ultimately add to its overall cost.


The Space Safe 2

There are several biometric safe options in the market today, however, one that is worth considering is the The Space Safe.

This safe features every feature above so your valuables can be as secure as possible, and more. Key, PIN code, and biometrics are all options for accessing this safe. Best of all, the safe is super secure and they use 256 bit encryption, which means if you think your safe pin will be broken into, we doubt it. In terms of build and construction, it’s exactly what you want – safe and sound.

What makes The Space Safe different from the rest of the biometric safes in the market is that aside from its use of biometric technology, one can connect to WiFi and use a number of amazing advanced features with their app. You can receive notifications from anywhere in the world and instantly be aware of what’s happening in or out of your safe with tamper sensors and cameras.


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Final Words

The advantages of biometric safes outweigh its disadvantages. Even if you look at the disadvantages, some brands have taken precautions against them to better your user experience like The Space Safe.

However, at the end of the day, whether a biometric safe is good for you or not depends on your personal needs. If you don’t mind the price tag, we definitely recommend a smart safe like The Space Safe that is convenient, easy to use, and that will make your space safe.


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— Emma Carnet