Biometric Safes: The Future of Home Security

Biometric Safes: The Future of Home Security


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When it comes to sensitive documents, cash, jewelry, electronic devices, or handguns, you want your items in a secure place, out of the reach of children or burglars. It's not enough to hide these things – you need everything in one safe location that's easy to access. A biometric safe is much more secure than a traditional safe, with various home safe security features that give you quick access and control in case of an emergency.

Home Security: More Important Than Ever

The FBI reported an estimated 7,196,045 property crime offenses in 2018 – nearly 20,000 burglaries per day! You can hope you won't be the victim of a burglary, but there's no way to guarantee it. The best way to protect yourself from the damage of a break-in is to secure your most valuable possessions. For that reason, a smart safe, and not just a traditional safe, truly is the future of home security.

Smart Safes vs. Traditional Safes

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Locking mechanisms on traditional safes just won't cut it anymore. This detailed WikiHow article explains how to crack open any combination dial--not to mention thousands of other Google results on 'how to open a safe.' Meanwhile, pin codes can be easy to guess. Here are some other downsides of traditional safes.

Easily Identifiable

A safe may be the first thing a burglar looks for, and traditional safes, with their visible pin pads and locks, are easy for intruders to identify. Additionally, if the crook manages to visit your home on multiple occasions, they may take note of the type of safe you have so they can plan how to access it. With The Space Safe, there are no dials or visible pin pads, which is one reason it is more secure. 

Taking a Gamble

With a traditional safe, you're taking a gamble. You're forced to trust the lock system and hope your valuables are safe. You won't know if it failed to keep your items safe until it's too late. Meanwhile, a smart safe with Wi-Fi connectivity gives you more options for controlling and staying updated with your safe from anywhere in the world. With The Space Safe, you'll know as soon as someone is tampering with your safe with the mobile app.

Missing the Security You Deserve

If you're trying to keep special items away from family members, friends, children, and intruders, a traditional safe may not work. Family members, friends, and children may be able to guess codes based on personal information such as birth dates or favorite numbers. Meanwhile, burglars will be equipped with tools and knowledge to help them crack open your safe. A biometric safe provides an added layer of security that you just can't beat.


Advantages of a Biometric Smart Safe

There are many reasons to choose a biometric smart safe over other safes. Here are a few of The Space Safe's best features.

Sleek and Inconspicuous


To the untrained eye, The Space Safe looks like a tablet, printer, or unknown tech item. With an LCD touchscreen display that only lights up when touched, an intruder may walk right past it without even thinking to take a closer look. The discreet design stands apart from the traditional appearance of standard safes, adding a unique layer of protection that other safes can't match.

Connect With The Space App

Manage and monitor your safe with The Space App, connecting you to your valuables from anywhere in the world. By simply connecting your biometric safe to the internet, you'll be able to utilize many exciting features:

  • View an activity log that tracks every time the safe is accessed
  • Live camera streaming that enables you to see what's going on around your safe
  • Share a temporary pin code if someone needs access in case of an emergency
  • Trigger and disable remote lockdown that disables the touchscreen display
  • Monitor temperature and humidity
  • Customize exterior lighting color and brightness
  • Manage up to four other user's biometric access
  • Software updates

Secure Connectivity

You may worry that connecting your safe to Wi-Fi can be hacked. Our fingerprint safe is built to 256 AES-bit encryption, meaning the likelihood of someone successfully hacking your safe is virtually impossible. If you're still concerned, The Space Safe can be used without an internet connection, although you won't be able to utilize some of the most stunning, innovative features.

FBI-Level Biometric Authentication

The FBI requires a minimum of 500 DPI (dots per inch) for biometric systems – The Space Safe has a 508 DPI sensor for the utmost protection. The 360-degree scanning surface can detect your finger at any angle for immediate unlock. Up to four users can enter their biometric data, so you and others you trust can open your fingerprint safe when needed. Having multiple user profiles with individual fingerprints is something no other safe offers.

Tamper Sensors With Automatic Lockdown and Notifications


Accelerometers built into the biometric safe, The Space Safe, will trigger notifications via the app or SMS messaging if they detect tilt, drop, shock, shake, or gravitational pull. Stream live camera feed so you can see exactly who is attempting to open your safe. If the tamper sensors detect any suspicious movement, the safe will automatically go into lockdown. If the screen is touched, it will display an alarming message to deter the intruder.

Backup Battery

You may be concerned about the electronic nature of your safe in case of a power outage. Don't worry; we've thought this one through, too. Your Space Safe is equipped with a backup battery that will still enable you to gain access via the biometric scanner. If the power outage lasts an extended period, you can also use one of the three backup emergency keys included with your purchase (most safe companies only provide you with two keys).

Integrated HD Cameras

The Space Safe features two HD cameras–one on the interior and one on the exterior. View the live camera feed from the app to see what's going on outside your safe. You can also take advantage of two-way talk, allowing you to communicate with the individual, whether an intruder, child, or other family member.


The Space Safe is the Future of Home Security

Clearly, The Space Safe is the best biometric safe to protect valuable and important items. With so many home safe security features, it's an easy choice over standard safes. Order your Space Safe today to protect your personal safety and ensure a safe space.


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