Gun Safe vs. The Space Safe: The Best Place to Store Your Gun

Gun Safe vs. The Space Safe: The Best Place to Store Your Gun


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Firearms are a type of weaponry that has been around for hundreds of years. Some people own guns for personal safety and security. In some countries, guns are used recreationally at shooting ranges or for sport hunting. Regardless of your reasons for owning guns, it is critical to store them in a safe place where you can get to them quickly, where children or burglars won't. A biometric gun safe is a great modern solution for safe and reliable gun storage.

The Importance of Gun Safety

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According to Nationwide Children's, one in three Americans have at least one gun in their home. Many people own a gun for personal safety or recreational use. While these are perfectly acceptable reasons to possess firearms, unfortunate accidents can occur when the weapon is not stored correctly. Here are some alarming statistics about gun-related injuries in the United States:

  • 37 percent of nonfatal firearm injuries are unintentional
  • Improperly stored firearms increase the risk of accidental deaths
  • Adolescents with guns in their homes have an increased risk of suicide

If you have guns in your home, it is critical to ensure that they are stored securely to prevent death, injury, and theft.

Why The Space Safe?

The Space Safe


The Space Safe is a modern solution to firearm security, with many futuristic features that mix the convenience of technology with the maximum reliability of a traditional handgun safe. Here are a few of the most exciting features that make this smart safe the best way to store your guns.

Remote Access and Notifications

Preserve your peace of mind with the innovation of The Space App, which is connected to your biometric gun safe. The app displays the temperature and climate in your safe and allows you to view live camera streaming so that you know exactly what's going on with your safe. You can also view an activity log of each time your safe has been opened and by whom. Adjust colored exterior lighting, user access, and lockdown your safe from anywhere worldwide. Using the app does require your safe to be connected to the internet, but don't worry, 256 AES-bit encryption makes The Space Safe nearly impossible to hack. 

Quick Access

In an emergency, you'll need to access your firearms quickly. Instead of wasting time typing a combination or code, you can access a biometric safe with your fingerprint. The Space Safe features highly advanced and uniquely large 360-degree fingerprint detection, allowing immediate, secure access. It can also hold up to five fingerprints and has access for up to 4 different users, so other adults in the households can access and retrieve firearms if needed. Our gun safe with biometric detection is incredibly secure, with 508 DPI (dots per inch). By comparison, FBI systems require 500 DPI, which isn’t something you will find with other safe manufacturers. For those who are still scared of using biometric security, you can always revert back to a PIN code or a key to access your firearm.

Tamper Sensors and Lockdown

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Our biometric safe features incredibly sensitive accelerometers that detect tilting, vibration, shocking, free-fall, or any other type of gravitational pull. If any tampering occurs, you will be notified via The Space App or SMS. Tampering will automatically trigger lockdown mode, locking the interface and displaying an alarming message on your safe. Lockdown will also activate when someone enters an incorrect pin three times, or if you manually activate it from the app. Lockdown mode can be disengaged remotely from the app, or with an emergency override key you'll get when you purchase your safe. Most safes get 2 keys, but with The Space Safe, you get 3!

2 Integrated HD Cameras

An exterior and interior camera make The Space Safe the ideal biometric gun safe for complete security, which no other safe offers. From The Space App, view live camera footage if anyone is trying to gain access to your handgun safe. With high-quality HD cameras, you'll be able to see who is trying to open or tamper with your smart safe.

The Problem With Other Storage Options

When it comes to other storage options, traditional gun safes are often too expensive and complicated, while regular safes are not secure enough. Additionally, hiding firearms beneath your bed or in your closet is not a safe or effective way to store them. 

Gun Safes

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While gun safes are made with firearms in mind, they may not be the best place to store your weapon. With extra security measures, gun safes can be extremely expensive but have less room because of storage racks and shelves, meaning you are investing in an expensive piece of equipment that can only hold a few things. Furthermore, many gun safes have poor quality locks or biometrics keeping them secure, making these gun safes easy to break into and not very secure.

The Space Safe is more affordable than any other option while being incredibly versatile. Alongside your gun, you can store sensitive documents or valuables such as passports, birth certificates, cash, and jewelry.

Regular Safes

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Regular safes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. While a traditional safe may be suitable for hiding some items, they are not secure enough for guns or other sensitive items. Plus, the keypads, locks, and keys they use are generally poor quality and can be broken into rather easily. At the same time, they may take several minutes to open, and in the event of an emergency, you don't have the time.

A biometric gun safe, with biometric authorization, has more restrictive access, so you don't need to worry about someone guessing your code or finding your key. Plus, you'll get immediate access to the interior with a quick fingerprint scan. Other biometric gun safes are not as secure as The Space Safe, and because The Space Safe has a touchscreen on it, it makes enrolling and removal of fingerprints extremely easy and intuitive. Other safes may offer 40 fingerprints, but there’s no way to remove 1 specific fingerprint if the time comes that you want to remove it, which is why we love The Space Safe

Hiding Your Gun

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People that can't afford a gun safe and want quicker access to their firearms than a traditional safe can give them may opt to hide their weapons. While this may seem like a perfectly acceptable option, studies demonstrate that 75 percent of children know where guns are in the home. You may think your firearms are in a secure place, but your child may know where to go if they get curious.

Securing your firearms in a biometric gun safe is the only way to prevent accidents and tragedies occurring when a child plays with a gun. If you cannot afford a gun safe, we recommend buying a cheap $29 safe. While not at all secure, it is an extra layer of protection to stop your children from gaining access to your firearm.

The Space Safe – the Best Gun Storage Option

Safety should be your first priority when it comes to owning a gun. Using The Space Safe as your handgun safe provides various features that protect you and your loved ones from unintentional shootings or criminal violence. With options for immediate access and remote insights, via The Space App, The Space Safe is the best option for gun storage to keep you in your safe space.


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-- Elsie Day