Home Safe Vs Safe Deposit Box: Which Is Better?

Home Safe Vs Safe Deposit Box: Which Is Better?

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Complete security is critical when securing your documents, jewelry, cash, and other valuables. Documents such as bank account information, social security cards, and birth certificates are difficult to replace, and if your valuables are stolen, this can lead to thousands of dollars worth of losses. In such situations, you may consider putting these items in a safe deposit box at a financial institution or a biometric safe in your home. Whatever method of security you choose, absolute reliability and surveillance are essential.

All things considered, which option is more secure for you: a home safe or a safe deposit box? Let’s dive into it.

Taking the Traditional Route With a Safe Deposit Box

A safety deposit box is a lockbox located at a financial institution. Here, you can store important valuables and documents. The boxes are kept in a vault at your bank where only a select number of people can gain access to it. This traditional method of securing your items is safe, but has some drawbacks.


  • Reliable security: Financial institutions are highly secure, with reliable protocols in place to protect your values in case of an emergency.
  • Privacy: A safe deposit box gives you a great deal of privacy, as only a certain amount of designated people can access your articles.
  • Sleep easy at night: Without valuables in your home, you can sleep easy knowing your most treasured possessions are not as easily accessible.


  • Limited access: Limited access is the biggest problem with placing your items in a safety deposit box. Depending on the specific rules of your chosen institution, you may only be able to authorize a few people to access your items which can be problematic in case of an emergency or unexpected death.
  • Expensive: Safe deposit boxes require a monthly rental fee. Although this fee usually isn’t too expensive, it can stack up over the years, resulting in an annual expense you may not want to deal with.
  • Emergencies: What happens if there’s an emergency and you need to leave town? Most banks today require a scheduled appointment before accessing your box. You’ll wish your items were in a smart safe at home amid an unplanned emergency.
  • Abandonment: If, for some reason, the rental fee is unpaid and the institution can’t contact the owner, the contents may be given to the state, resulting in a loss of very important items. Additionally, the bank has the option of closing a safe deposit box at any time. Notification of this typically takes place by mailed letter and, if your mailbox isn’t checked, valuables could be lost forever.

The Space Safe – The Best Option For Complete Security

Although a safety deposit box is still a helpful tool, we feel a biometric safe is the future of home safe security. The Space Safe is the only safe to have cameras in a safe, and with it you get all the protection you need to ensure safety. Additionally, it provides various useful remote features that will make you feel confident about your choice to store your valuables at home.

Stay Connected With The Space App

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days… including your new favorite fingerprint safe! The innovative Space App keeps you connected to your valuables wherever you are, sending you remote notifications if someone opens or attempts to open your safe. Monitor the temperature and humidity of your safe, adjust colored exterior lighting, change user access, view an activity log of your safe’s activity, view live camera footage, and initiate remote lockdown, all from your mobile device!

Secure Connectivity You Can Trust

What about hackers? With 256-bit encryption, our safe is virtually impossible to breach, making it the best option on the market for optimum security. The Space Safe is still operable without internet connectivity. However, users do miss out on many of the online features that make this the safest place for all your documents and special items.

Advanced Tamper Sensors

Your smart safe is equipped with innovative accelerometers that sense any shocks, drops, hits, or vibrations indicative of attempted theft. If the safe suspects it’s being tampered with, you will be notified immediately via The Space App, SMS message, or both. Triggering the accelerometers also initiates automatic lockdown. In lockdown mode, the LCD touchscreen display becomes inaccessible, only flashing an alarming message when touched. This can help to deter intruders.

Integrated HD Cameras

As if The Space Safe could get any more dynamic, we’ve also included two HD cameras—one on the exterior and one on the interior—to give you the ultimate peace of mind. You’ll get a clear shot of exactly who is trying to get into this private space, and even engage in two-way talk to keep the criminal from getting away with your possessions.

Quick, Secure Access

For people authorized to access your Space Safe, 360-degree live fingerprint detection ensures a swift, easy open–perfect for emergencies. Each safe can hold the biometrics for up to four users with three fingerprints each. You may wonder, what happens if the power goes out and The Space Safe goes offline. Never fear–your fingerprint safe has a hidden backup battery, making it usable for several hours after a power failure. If you are left without power for an extended period, you can use one of three backup keys included with your purchase. These are also useful in case you need to allow someone emergency access to your documents and valuables.

Beautiful, Discreet Design For All Your Valuables

If an intruder does happen to enter your home, they may not even notice the beautiful, discreet design of The Space Safe. To the untrained eye, your biometric safe looks like a tablet or printer. With .87 cubic feet of storage, there’s plenty of room for your valuables. We’ve even included two interior USB ports for any devices you want to store and charge in your safe. Now that’s innovation.

The Space Safe–Innovative, Futuristic Security

While a safe deposit box has been an ideal security solution for many years, technology is changing the landscape. The future of home safe security lies with the innovative Space Safe. The creators of The Space Safe thought of every possible scenario, implementing imaginative ideas to help you protect the things you love the most. Order The Space Safe today to upgrade and modernize your security.