Hotel Room Smart Safes - Keep Your Worries Locked Up on Vacation

Hotel Room Smart Safes - Keep Your Worries Locked Up on Vacation

travel to a hotel room with a smart safe

Do you love to travel but hold back because of safety and security fears?

Smart safe technology has made it so hotel security worries can go to the very back of your mind, with innovative features that boost safety and protection. 

There is nothing worse than going to paradise only to worry if your belongings in your hotel room are safe from theft.

The point of a vacation is to forget about your worries, not add to them!

Biometric safes have revolutionized how hotels are ensuring their guests' valuables are safe and sound while guests can have well-deserved fun at their destination.

Need something from your safe? The Space Safe includes fingerprint identification, tamper resistance, and pin recognition software to access your safe in seconds! 

Learn why you should stay in a hotel with high quality, in-room safes, what to leave in them as you explore, and which kind of safe is the best for top hotel room security.

Hotel Room Theft

Surprisingly, hotel theft statistics are difficult to find; however, we have all heard those horrid stories from a friend. We know anecdotally that hotel theft happens, but actual numbers to quantify how many thefts, when, and where they occur are scarce. 

What is essential to know is that, compared to a traditional safe, having a smart safe in your hotel room is the best way to keep your precious items safe from theft or harm during your stay.

Smart Safe

Travel around your destination without bulk

A hotel room safe keeps your valuables safe until your return - you can travel light, only bringing the necessities with you. Having fewer items on your person reduces the burden of carrying multiple bags with you everywhere you go. Less weight to carry means you can transport from site to site hassle-free.

Some travel destinations are safer than others. Pick-pocketing and bag theft are more common in some areas, and you need to prepare for something going awry. Carry only the essentials with you, tucked away from view, and reduce or eliminate the need for purses or bags. Travel with less worry in these higher-risk places by leaving valuables in the safe in your hotel. 

By traveling to your destination with only the necessities, you will be less of a target for theft. You can feel at ease knowing anything extra is safe within the safe in your hotel room.

biometric safe

Today's hotel safes

Many of the safes used in hotel rooms today are traditional lock and key safes or use a PIN to gain access into the safe. The safes are mid-sized, with room for small to medium sized valuables. The safes also have backup access options in case the hotel guest forgets the PIN or loses the key. 

While these safes can keep your belongings protected, they run the risk of being hacked by those trying to steal valuables while you are enjoying your time at the pool. 

Lock and key safes run the risk of lock picking. The safes kept in a hotel complex are usually the same in each room. This means that if someone figured out how to lock pick one, they could lock pick them all. 

PIN codes present another issue. They have to be reset by the hotel management, not you. This means if there is any issue with your PIN, you have to wait for staff to come open it for you. In a busy hotel, this could take some time. If you are trying to make a dinner reservation and your credit card is in the safe, waiting for staff to unlock your safe could mean major inconvenience for you.

The Space Safe advantage

smart safe for hotel with login pin screen

There is a new smart safe on the market that takes hotel room security to a new level. The Space Safe is the best safe for hotels because it eliminates the need for key or worry about gaining entry which gives you total access control.

Specific features of The Space Safe take security to the next level.

  1. Pin recognition - Forgot your pin? Push the "forgot pin" button on the LCD interface and quickly send your PIN in a text message. You never have to wait for the front desk or security reset your pin. 
  2. Tamper resistant - Get notified if someone attempts to access the safe. You will know instantly if a thief is trying to guess your pin code.
  3. Fingerprint authentication - Get instant access to your safe with this biometric benefit. 

What you should keep in your hotel room safe

Chances are, you are traveling with more than the clothes on your back. The list below will help you discern what you should keep in your safe.

  • Passports
  • Identifying information
  • Boarding pass
  • Flight details
  • Credit cards
  • Cash
  • Vaccination cards
  • Gems
  • Expensive gifts
  • Travel itineraries
  • Username and passwords
  • Computer
  • Electronics
  • Phones
  • Jewelry
  • Medications
  • Cameras 

Hotel thefts happen to even the most diligent of consumers. Without a safe in your room to put your belongings when you are not around, your precious items are open targets for theft. Wouldn't it be nice to worry less and feel more confident about security by having an anchored, tamper-resistant biometric safe to keep your valuables? At the same time, you can enjoy your destination bag-free. 

Before checking into your hotel, call them up and find out what kind of safe they have in the room. The Space Safe is the premier smart safe to ask for as accommodation for your stay at any hotel.

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— Danielle Cotter