How Thick Should Safes Be to Stay Secure?

How Thick Should Safes Be to Stay Secure?


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When choosing the right safe for your valuables, you must consider several factors, such as the cost of the safe and how secure the safe is. If you plan to purchase a safe for storing real valuables, one of the first features you must look into is how secure the safe is. A safes thickness is the primary means of defense when someone attempts to break into it.The quality and thickness of a safe’s steel determine how sturdy and strong the safe is, so it’s crucial to identify how thick the safe should be in order to properly secure your valuables.

So, if you want to find out how thick your safe should be to stay secure and why it is important for you to use a safe with thicker steel, such as The Space Safe, read to the end of this article. 

Thickness of a Safe

Generally speaking, to provide optimum security for your valuables, it is ideal for you to purchase a safe with lower gauge thickness. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel; hence, a safe with lower gauge steel is a more reliable storage for your cash, jewelry, important documents, and other valuables. Safes that are made of thicker steel generally cost more and weigh more, but the extra thickenss makes it more difficult to break into making it worth every single penny. 

Low gauge rating safes – 12-gauge to 6-gauge steel safes – are the ideal safes to use for protecting your valuables because a 12-gauge safe has a thickness equivalent to 2.55 mm, while a 6-gauge is about 4.16mm thick. The Space Safe is the best smart safe with an outer shell that’s made out of a 9-gauge steel so you can be sure that your valuables are stored securely. 

Safes with high gauge ratings – 14-gauge to 20-gauge – have completely thin steel walls, since a 14-gauge safe is only 1.6mm thick and a 20-gauge safe is as thick as 0.9 mm. While higher gauge may sound like its thicker, it is quite the opposite. Higher gauge safes are cheaper and the thickness of the metals usually are pretty bendable and will barely stand a drill or pry attack. So when purchasing your safe, make sure you are familiar with the safes out there and try to purchase a safe that is lower gauge steel to provide maximum security to your valuables. 

It will be good for you to set aside a sufficient budget to purchase The Space Safe because your security is important. Unless you cannot afford it, do not settle for a cheap safe with thin steels and substandard features if you don’t want to compromise the safe keeping of your valuables. 

Importance of Making Sure You Own a Safe with Thick Steel

  • Thick Steel is The Best Material
  • Genrally speaking, the thicker the metal, the better quality and more secure your safe will be. Thickness and the type of steel are two things to look out for. When you are buying your safe, you’ll probably notice that safes have several different levels of security and you can probably find that every $500 the thickness of the metal slightly varies. If you are looking for a safe that’s less than $1,000, you’ll usually notice that safes have a thickness of 14 gauge steel. While this sounds great, it would be better to look for something with a lower gauge steel for more security. Another reason we like The Space Safe is because it’s reinforced with a dual wall equaling 9 gauge steel which is much thicker than competitors, making it the best safe to purchase. 

  • Gives Peace of Mind

  • Using a safe box made from thick steel and not alluminum will definitely give you the confidence to keep your valuables tucked away in yoru safe without breaking into your safe in 60 seconds. With The Space Safe, not only do you get a thicker safe, but because it has app connectivity and cameras, you can easily check on your safe’s surroundings anywhere in the world giving you a good nights sleep knowing everything you own is protected and monitored.

    The Best Thick Safe: The Space Safe

    The Space Safe is made of thick 9-gauge steel along with technologically advanced software, making it the best safe to protect your valuables. 

    Furthemore, The Space Safe is equipped with a lockdown feature and accelerometer sensors that can detect movement and tampering. So, if anyone tries to tamper or access your safe without your permission, it will automatically go into lockdown; the LCD display will be inaccessible, the alarm will sound, and you can alert 911 through The Space App. Aside from seeing these types of features in spy movies, The Space Safe has set the bar high for being the only safe in the market with such features.

    As an additional layer of smart protection, The Space Safe has interior and exterior cameras that you can constantly monitor with The Space App to identify who tries to access your safe, and what valuables they are touching if they gain access to the safe. It is the world’s first and only safe with cameras, so if you invest in a safe, make sure you get The Space Safe. With it, you’re not just securing your valuables and taking full control of your safe, you are also living in the future of biometric safes. How awesome would it be to have first-hand experience in using a technology that you only once see in movies! 

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