How to Enhance Your Home Security Design With Biometric Safes

How to Enhance Your Home Security Design With Biometric Safes


A recent poll from The Zebra showed that 54% of American homes do not have a security system. This means that many Americans are vulnerable to break-ins and theft.

There are thousands and thousands of home break-ins every year. This accounts for significant financial loss, especially for those who have assets stored in their home.

This is why you should consider investing in biometric safes. A biometric safe will help to protect your assets in case someone were to break into your home.

Keep reading to find out more about biometric safes and what they are used for.

What Is a Biometric Safe?

If you need to protect the assets in your home, you need a home security system. Home security, like a biometric safe provides a place for you to keep valuables.

Unlike other kinds of safes, biometric safes use fingerprint, eye scan, and voice recognition to gain access to your safe that way you do not need to have a key or a pin code to access the safe.

These safes are usually used for family heirlooms, valuables, or special documents. Anything of value that needs to be secured can be stored in one of these safes.

The biometric scanner will take these images and save them within the system. This encrypted digital format allows you to easily access the safe when you need to.

Companies like Space even offer a smart safe that connects to Wi-Fi. This allows you to receive notifications and use a variety of smart safe features.

The Space Safe comes with HD video and two-way talk technology. There is also advanced motion sensing technology and remote alarm activation.

This gives you more control in case anyone were to break into your home. The chances of them accessing your valuables are going to be significantly lower.

Why Would You Need a Biometric Safe?

You may not know why you need to protect assets in your home. This is a common mindset since the majority of Americans don’t have smart home security.

You may not have many assets, or you may live in a secure neighborhood. The reality is that everyone should have smart home security just in case.

No matter where you live or what you own, there is always a risk. No home is completely secure since anyone could break in at any time.

You most likely own something of value that would be devastating to lose. You may have valuable jewelry or important legal documents that need to be kept safe.

Biometric safes like The Space Safe provide the perfect place to put these valuables. They will be secure no matter where you go, and only you will have direct access to them.

These smart safes also come with an app that gives you more control. The Safe Space App uses your home Wi-Fi to provide smart home security features.

This will include an activity log where you can keep track of who accesses the safe and how often.

Biometric Safe Benefits

Now that you know what biometric safes are, what are the benefits? These are benefits that you will want to understand before making this investment.

Many people may feel hesitant to invest in safes with biometrics because of the additional cost, however, it's an investment that could very well pay off later.

No Key Required

One of the biggest benefits of having biometrics is that it doesn’t use a key. The reality is that the majority of people lose important keys daily.

If you keep the key with you, there is a chance of you leaving it somewhere for someone to find. If you leave it in your home, there is a chance of someone finding it if they break in.

The reality is that there is no way to keep a key secure all the time. This is why using fingerprint, eye scan, and voice recognition is a better option, and The Space Safe is the best option for you if you are looking for this kind of biometric safe.

This also reduces the risk of someone guessing your pin code. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting this code and not being able to access your valuables.

Multi-User Access

A unique feature of The Space Safe biometric safe is the multi-user access. It's the only true biometric safes on the market that offers this option.

This allows you to keep several fingerprints within your safe's database and allow for other pre-approved people to access the safe in case you are not able to.

This is perfect for workplaces where different people may need to access valuables. It is also very useful if you want all of your family to be able to open the safe.

You can enroll more fingerprints or remove others if they are no longer necessary. This is the perfect way to give access to multiple people without creating confusion. Another great reason to go with The Space Safe is because you can provide access to new users from the app. 

Reduced Break-In Risk

Without the use of a key or a pin code, burglars are much less likely to access your safe. They won’t be able to guess the pin code or ransacked your house to find the key.

Smart home technology also allows you to make sure your valuables are safe and specifically with The Space App, you will be able to tell if someone is trying to access your safe from the cameras and notifications - and if necessary, you can notify 911 from the app.

Biometric Safes: Why You Need One

If you do not have a biometric safe, you should consider getting one. Biometric safes provide technology so that you do not need to keep a key or a pin code.

You will be able to securely store valuables to prevent possible theft.

Are you interested in investing in the best biometric safe? Order your Safe Space today.