How to Secure Your House Before Letting In A Babysitter

How to Secure Your House Before Letting In A Babysitter


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Every once in a while, you will need a reliable babysitter to watch over the kids, while you're out to run an errand and can’t be with them after school or as you take the night off. Regardless of the reasons why you can’t be watching over your kids at a certain time, it feels reassuring to know that someone’s looking after them in your absence. 

When you get a babysitter, your topmost priority must be the safety and security of your children and your house. Being complacent and jeopardizing the life of your family is a risk you can’t afford, that is why you must take utmost consideration on the right actions to do when securing your house before you let in the babysitter. 

To help you out, we have come up with what we think are the best ways and best things to use in securing your entire household before allowing your babysitter to set foot inside.  

  1.   Secure Valuables in a Reliable Biometric Safe

The Space Safe fingerprint safe

    You’re fortunate if the babysitter you hired is someone you already know personally, but a lot of parents do not know enough people who are willing to babysit so they resort to hiring someone they don’t know. Your home is your family’s place of refuge and exposing it to a stranger is risky. Running background checks may help, but the data you gather isn’t foolproof evidence that you can trust the babysitter because you never know when they’re only putting on a show to conceal their real motives. So, to avoid making your home vulnerable to theft or any harm, take the necessary precaution of purchasing the best home safe. Before letting in the babysitter, the first thing to do is secure your valuables, such as jewelry, cash, spare keys, IDs, and important documents inside a reliable biometric safe such as The Space Safe

    While installing security cameras and baby monitors is a great way of keeping tabs on what the babysitter is doing, you might get busy and forget to check the footage. Therefore, it’s crucial to receive notifications straight to your phone, especially when the babysitter tries to access your safe. With any safe, how would you know that the babysitter doesn’t try 20 new codes every day? You wouldn’t. If you use other safes, the babysitter will eventually discover the code by trying 20 or more new codes each time they’re in your home, that is if they’re trusted and come back often. What sets The Space Safe apart is it keeps you informed on what’s happening with your valuables at home and you will instantly be notified if the babysitter tries to gain access by placing a PIN code, while the babysitter remains clueless that you know of their mischief. 

    While some smart safes can send the owners notifications, only The Space Safe has a camera feed that reveals it’s the babysitter touching your safe and not your kid, so you can instantly catch them and spare your home from harm. 

    To further show you why we think The Space Safe is the best home safe for every homeowner and why you should own one, here are its amazing features: 

    Interior and Exterior Cameras

    The Space App biometric safe

    It is the first safe equipped with cameras inside and outside, so you will know when your babysitter tries to touch your safe and what things they are touching inside (if in rare cases, they gain access). You can view the footage via the camera feed on The Space App. With this brilliant feature, you can still have complete control over your valuables at home even when you’re far away. 


    The Space Safe lockdown safe box

    If the babysitter tampers with the safe box and enters unsuccessful PIN codes thrice, the safe will automatically go into lockdown mode and you will be notified of this. When in lockdown, the safe’s LCD will be inaccessible, and the alarm will go off. The best part about this feature is that you can notify 911 immediately, so your babysitter can’t get away with their theft attempt.

    Faux Screen and Unique Design

    biometric safe The Space Safe

    The Space Safe’s physical design doesn’t resemble a conventional safe box; it is so unique that it can be hidden in plain sight, making it difficult to spot. With its sleek and modern design, the safe easily blends in with your other home decors. You can also trick the babysitter into thinking that the safe is something else by using its faux screen display. Here, you can choose from a faux radio, faux printer, the weather, or your favorite image. We suggest that you use a faux printer or the weather for your screensaver because the radio or image can catch the babysitter’s attention, especially if they want to listen to the radio while babysitting or want to take a closer look at your image.

    Multiple User Access

    The Space Safe safe box

    In case your babysitter is a trusted person whom you personally know, you can give them temporary access to the safe box when the need arises. The temporary access can be used via a one-time PIN code and the code will only be good for 5 minutes. Aside from the one-time PIN, you can also add up to four users. 

    As an extra layer of protection, The Space Safe is the only biometric safe that has two-factor authentication wherein you can use both PIN code and fingerprint, either one of those, or Google authenticator to access the safe.

    1.   Install Security Cameras

    home security camera

      Whether or not you trust the babysitter or have ample time to check footage, it’s still not a bad idea to install security cameras around the home to find out how the babysitter’s doing with the kids. Security cameras can be your extra pair of eyes in watching over your home and may serve as a deterrent to bad behavior because when babysitters know they’re being monitored, they won’t engage in things that could harm your kids and their reputation.

      In case an accident happens like your kid falling off the couch or stairs, you can automatically review the footage and find out the truth behind the accident. Most importantly, security cameras can protect one party (either you or your babysitter) from false accusations. There have been cases where either the babysitter or the employer is accused of doing things they didn’t do, and this can be resolved by getting the security camera footage and checking if the accusation did or did not happen.

      Then again, security cameras are great to have but not great to solely rely on, you must still invest in The Space Safe for maximum security.

      1.   Write House Rules

      Babysitters would love it if they were given a list of things to do and things to avoid doing, that way they would know their limits and boundaries. So, before you let your babysitter inside your house, make sure you have established written house rules to let the babysitter know that you are serious about preserving the security and safety of your home. These are some of the rules you can enforce when the babysitter takes over:

      •         No watching of inappropriate shows or movies
      •         No saying of foul language
      •         No giving of new food or medication without asking permission
      •         No using of phone
      •         No drinking, smoking, or doing drugs during and prior to babysitting
      •         No visitors
      •         No taking of photos of the house and the kids
      •     No touching of valuables stored in the biometric safe – The Space Safe
      •         Clean up after yourself and the kids
      •         Don’t introduce new discipline strategies
      •         Don’t bring the kids outside without permission

      Why It is Important to Know How to Secure Your House

      Knowing how to secure your house before you let in a babysitter or any other person will keep your household safe from danger, such as theft or kidnapping. Aside from carefully picking out the babysitter to watch over your precious children and establishing appropriate house rules, it is imperative that you choose the right biometric safe to keep your valuables secured, and we only rely on The Space Safe


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      – Charisse Thompson