Is the Bedroom the Best Place to Keep a Gun?

Is the Bedroom the Best Place to Keep a Gun?

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If you own a weapon, chances are you will need to store your gun in a secure and safe place. Figuring out where the best place to put your pistol can be a daunting task. Every gun owner's top priority should be to keep their gun away from the reach of children and have the gun unattainable to intruders - which is why everyone should own a gun safe. When deciding the location of your gun safe, make sure it’s easily accessible, which would significantly impact the security it offers. 

So where is the best place to keep your gun safe? And Is it a good idea to keep the gun safe in your bedroom? 

The truth is, there isn’t a  rule where one should store their pistol safe. It varies according to your personal needs, your house’s layout, your house’s current security, etc. 

In this article, we will discuss several locations to help you determine the best place to keep your gun safe. 

Generally speaking, thefts either happen when someone is not home during the day, or at night Most of the theft is committed at night when people are asleep, and it’s dark enough for an intruder to sneak around in the dark and not get caught. 

1) The bedroom

The bedroom is considered one of our most sacred living spaces. We sleep there, get changed there, shower there, and it is our most private place in the house. In the event of an intruder breaking in, storing your pistol safe and pistol in your bedroom, will ensure and make your gun as accessible as possible. If you are sleeping and wake up from the noise, you can instantly jump out of bed, get to your safe, and retrieve your weapon. Having the ability to protect yourself quickly is extremely important.

If your safe can be unlocked with a biometric scanner, retrieving your gun will be nearly instant - which The Space Safe has. A small biometric safe can differentiate the uses by using fingerprint reader applications and biometric scanners. 

The only issue with having your safe in your bedroom is that it is a commonly known place to have your safe in, whereas in other rooms people may never expect them to be and could be more well hidden.

gun safe placed in bedroom


2) In the basement

If you own a floor safe, most people keep their floor safes in the basement. Basement can hold a large and small biometric safe as well. Most of the safes are not fireproof safes and need to be away from the kitchen and garage. 

Wherever you do decide to store your gun safe, you need to make sure the humidity level in the basement is not too high, as many basements could have this issue. If the gun is stored in a safe that is too humid, it will not be good for the contents of the safe. Look for a safe with humidity controls or sensors if you do decide to go this route.  The Space Safe is equipped with humidity and temperature sensors and could be stored in your basement, however, it is not designed to be used as a floor safe. 

Another thing to take note of when storing a safe in your basement is potential flooding due to heavy rain, weather, or flooding from a floor above,  which can cause damage to the safe. 

basement to store gun safe


3) In the garage

Due to the uniqueness of this location, it is almost definitely one of the more secure places to store a safe and keep your valuables - mainly because no one would ever expect you to store anything in your garage since a garage is so vulnerable. Unless a thief knows exactly where you store your valuables, you are probably in the clear here. Most burglars target the master bedroom, living room, and office when looting - because that’s where you want your valuables - close to you. If you want to avoid your luxury safe from burglary, then a garage could be a good option.


However, a gray area is that the garage is pretty easy to break in, and thieves can yank away the safe. It would be difficult for you to swiftly react to burglary - which is why we advise not keeping a weapon for personal safety in a garage. One of the benefits of The Space Safe, is that there are cameras and vibration sensors that notify you if someone is nearby your safe and allow you to remotely watch an intruder and react if there is one. 

garage to store gun safe

4) In the home office

Depending on what you decide to store, setting up a small home safe in your office to keep your valuables and weapons protected may be a good option, but be careful since it is one of the most common places people hide safes, and so an intruder may expect it. To strengthen its security, you should look for a biometric fingerprint safe - which The Space Safe is equipped with. If your home office is clean and small like the image above, the odds are an intruder would not imagine anything more than papers are left sitting around. One of the great benefits of The Space Safe is, it doesn’t look like a safe. Furthermore, with The Space Safe, you can change what display is on your screen. Easily choose the faux printer screen for your safety, so it doesn’t appear to be a safe - that way it will give the impression it’s a 3-in-1 printer.

Easily and safely hideaway your gun, or other valuables on the bookshelf, under, or even over your work desk.

home office to store your gun safe



Final thoughts

It all comes down to the type of gun safe you possess and what you expect from it. Wherever you decide to store your safe should be in an area where you can easily access it, while also keeping it away from children. 

If you have a small pistol, we recommend storing it in The Space Safe and placing it anywhere near your bed. 

Myth has it that the only safe that cannot be broken into, is one that cannot be found. Most security safes inside your bedroom offer little in terms of security, can easily be breached, and take too long to open, whereas The Space Safe does not look like a typical safe and can be hidden in plain sight. 

Investing in the right security safe can save you from all kinds of trouble. We recommend investing in The Space Safe as it is a modern luxury safe with advanced technology to keep your valuables safe, and you are aware from anywhere. 

It has everything the best home safes possess. The safe has secure modern technology, which makes it impossible for any burglar to break in. Apart from its sleek and elegant design, it has a biometric lock, biometric scanner, and a digital keypad. 

The Space Safe is one of the most reliable home safes for sale at this time. This fireproof gun safe is bound to make your lives much easier and relieve you from anxiety. 

The best thing about the Space safe is that you can keep it anywhere! Store all your valuables, including your weapons, in a spacious safe that offers compelling security. 


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— Emma Carnet