Is The Space Safe a Good Gun Safe?

Is The Space Safe a Good Gun Safe?

A Gun Safe

Everyone who owns a gun should own a gun safe!


A biometric gun safe is a must-have for any gun owner. This helpful method of securing and protecting your weapon lets you to store your gun(s) and/or ammo safely, preventing them from falling into the wrong hands. And best of all, it allows you to easily access your weapon in case of a break-in or intruder.

The Space Safe is the perfect gun safe because it is equipped with sophisticated fingerprint reader, allowing you rapid access to your weapons and ammunition in an emergency or home invasion. The gun safe unlocks by simply placing your unique fingerprint on the sensor; it's that simple and quick.

Most biometric gun safes on the market today are simple with little to no features, which is what makes The Space Safe so unique and beneficial when owning. Of course, like everything else, it all depends on what your personal requirements are.

There are several aspects to consider before purchasing a biometric safe;

  • The level of protection you require
  • The price you are willing to spend
  • What innovations it may have
  • How secure it is and the ease of unlocking, etc.

But remember, for those purchasing a biometric safe for self-defense purposes, keeping a pistol within reach in your bedroom where you sleep is important. Fumbling with locks is the last thing you want to do in a circumstance when you need to get to your pistol quickly.

When choosing the right gun safe for you, make sure to make a pros and cons list from the top key features above, and then jotting down in detail why certain features are important for you.


Biometrics vs. Mechanical Safes

Keypads, PIN codes, biometrics, or keys are all ways to access a safe today. Depending on the type of unlocking mechanism you have will help determine how secure and how much your safe will cost. Biometrics are the most expensive method since the technology is newer and more costly to manufacture. A biometric safe uses technology to scan a unique part of your body whether it’s your fingerprints, retina, or face will depend on the safe manufacturer and the price you want to pay. Understanding the different types of mechanisms will help you determine what is best for you to store your gun in your gun safe.

For just a few safes such as The Space Safe, the safe is accessible with more than one unlocking method. The Space Safe uses biometric fingerprint scanner, an LCD touch screen digital keypad, and a mechanical key to be the most versatile with the most accessibility options.


biometric gun safe

How reliable is a Biometric Gun Safe?

A biometric sensor scans and records your fingerprint into a digital numerical code using your fingerprint or palm picture. In simple terms, if the fingerprint scanned by the safe’s biometric scanner does not match, the safe will not open.

When confronted with a crisis, you may experience a surge of fight or flight adrenaline. The ability to unlock your gun safe to access your pistol with a single touch is a significant benefit in terms of timing and success compared to entering a PIN code or a key.

In earliest versions of biometrics scanners, and in cheaper biometric scanners, fingerprint sensors were easily manipulated because of the technology used, hence the ability to fake a successful scan was very high. That is why when you are selecting a biometric scanner, you should make sure the fingerprint scanner’s specs is the latest and greatest, such as The Space Safe’s sensor. With Space’s fingerprint scanner, the resolution is high and the biometric scanning’s space is so large, that forging a scan is extremely unachievable. This ensures your belongings, gun, and ammo, are secure and only accessible by you.

Most biometric safes only grant access to one user; however, higher-end safes such as The Space Safe allow you to provide and program multiple users with biometric access.



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The Perks of Using The Space Safe for Guns:

In an emergency, a biometric pistol safe's touch-and-go mechanism can be pretty helpful. Assume you're asleep and are startled awake by the noises of an intruder. There is no need to memories a code with a The Space Safe biometric safe. There's no need to look for and fumble with a key.

The elegant design of The Space Safe allows you to hide the safe in plain sight without an intruder knowing it’s a safe. The LCD touch display lets you set a faux screen to completely camouflage your safe.

In addition to quick and secure biometric authentication and access, The Space Safe offers unique benefits unlike their competitors. Whether it’s an intruder or unauthorized family member, The Space Safe’s exterior camera allows owners to instantly see if someone attempts to open their safe. If access is granted or not, owners will receive notifications to their cellphone and can instantly notify 911, go in lockdown mode, sound the alarm, or view the camera and speak to the unauthorized person through the safes microphone and speaker. There are a bunch of other amazing features in The Space Safe we haven’t discussed which can be viewed on their website. The Space Safe Biometric Safe is a significant step forward in safely protecting your guns and emergency weapons.

The Space Safe App Notification



The Space Safe Exterior Camera App





When selecting a gun safe, it’s important to see all the features and costs involved with the options out there. For us, having the ability to instantly access your pistol and unlock your gun safe is extremely important in an emergency situation. Furthermore, having technologically advanced features such as cameras, and notifications sent to your cellphone will keep your safe space. Taking everything into consideration, we recommend The Space Safe smart safe for $599 as the best gun safe.



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