Motorola Smart Safe vs. The Space Safe - The Smarter Home Security

Motorola Smart Safe vs. The Space Safe - The Smarter Home Security


A smart safe uses the internet and other modern technology to protect the user’s valuables and documents depending on the size of the safe box. While many different brands make a biometric safe, there are many differences in the quality and the level of security of their safes. In this article, you will learn the differences between the Motorola Smart Safe and The Space Safe, an incredibly innovative solution for all your privacy and security needs.

motorola smart safe

Features of the Motorola Smart Safe

Motorola offers two plastic safes, the Flex safe and the Bolt safe. Both have a few basic features that make them more intriguing than a traditional safe – specifically, the ability to connect to the internet, making it a more involved option for home-safe security, and a way to stay connected if you’re not at home.

Remote, Visual, and Audible Alerts

Internet accessibility allows the Motorola safe to send notifications to your phone, email, or through the corresponding app. There can be notifications when someone enters an incorrect pin or can remind you to take medication. If you prefer to use your safe without a Wi-Fi connection, audible and visual notifications from the safe are an option. While this safe does offer notifications, after thoroughly testing the Motorola safe, we noticed because of its use of alkaline batteries, the system tries to minimize battery usage, and most of the time we never receive our notifications, at least not in real time.

Notifications are a great way to stay updated with security while you’re away from home, but if someone is able to guess your code, the notifications won’t be of much assistance. The intruder will have ample time to take what they want before leaving. As we’ll discuss later, The Space Safe incorporates other security features that make a big difference in maintaining your privacy and offering the additional security Motorola doesn’t offer.

Different Installation Methods

The Flex safe uses a plastic expandable wing system for installation, while the Bolt safe is wall-mounted. These different installation methods give users options based on their preferences and needs. Still, it does mean you don’t have as much versatility if you decide to put your safe in a different location.

Remote Opening

Both the Flex and Bolt safes have an option for remote opening in case you forget your code. While this may seem convenient, it may be detrimental to your home-safe security. The remote opening allows the opportunity for someone to hack your safe and gain access to your valuables. The Space Safe purposely does not offer this feature to give you maximum protection while keeping your valuables safe.

The Space Safe smart safe

Features of The Space Safe

The Space Safe is a biometric safe with every detail you could ever need. Our passion for premium security helped us conceptualize an innovative design with the features of your dreams. With The Space Safe, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your possessions again.

Versatile and Discreet Design

Every feature of The Space Safe is crafted with theft protection in mind, down to the sleek design — our biometric safe looks like a printer, tablet, or another tech item to the untrained eye. The LCD touchscreen only lights up when touched, making it virtually undetectable to intruders - something the Motorola safes don’t offer. The discreet design adds  levels of protection that the Motorola Smart Safe cannot compare to.

Various Installation Options

The Space Safe has two pre-drilled in the back and two pre-drilled holes on the bottom for you to anchor your safe for a secure installation; however, anchoring your safe is not required. The size and weight of this clever safe and ingenious tamper sensing mean no one will be removing your safe from your home without you knowing! The strong metal structure of The Space Safe weighs 55 pounds, while the Flex and the Bolt’s plastic only weighs 2.89 pounds.

Tampering Sensors, Notifications, and Remote Lockdown

Outfitted with advanced tampering accelerometers, The Space Safe detects movements such as shocks, vibrations, tilts, and drops. If your safe senses any gravitational pull, you will be notified immediately via The Space App. Additionally, your safe will automatically go into Lockdown Mode. In Lockdown Mode, the screen will become inaccessible and display an alarming message, warning the intruder that authorities are en route. Lockdown Mode can only be disabled through the app or with one of the backup keys included with your purchase.

Integrated HD Cameras

The Space Safe has integrated two HD cameras  - something no other safe has – one on the interior and one on the exterior. Live camera feed can be viewed anytime from the app, allowing you to see precisely what is happening around your safe when you’re not home. You can also use two-way talk to address the person attempting to access your safe.

Advanced Biometrics

Our fingerprint safe uses 360-degree scanning technology for accuracy and ease of use. Each safe can have up to four different authorized users, with five fingerprints each. The advanced biometric system is 508 dots per inch (DPI), making it up to standard with FBI-compliant systems that require 500 DPI. Biometrics can easily be added or deleted in the settings on the safe. 

Backup Battery and Keys

In case of a power outage, your biometric safe has a hidden backup battery that will allow you to continue using it. If your electricity is down for a longer period of time, your belongings will still be accessible with one of three backup keys included with your purchase. The Space Safe’s locking system is highly advanced, adding yet another layer of security to your fingerprint safe that the Motorola safe doesn’t offer. 

Temporary Access

Because we care about your security, we do not have an option for remote opening, which makes hacking your safe possible. Instead, we have options for temporary access if you need to let someone get into your safe while you’re away from home. You can send the individual a temporary pin code that will allow them to open your safe. For your security, only one code can be sent each 24 hours and will only be usable for five minutes. 

The Smartest Option for Home Security

While the Motorola safes provide some basic features that make them “smart,” The Space Safe is the most brilliant option for maximum home security. Your new favorite safe is designed with ultimate protection and convenience in mind, giving you the safety and privacy you deserve. For a detailed comparison chart, please visit