Must Have Smart Safe Features

Must Have Smart Safe Features

The Space Safe Features


Smart safes are on the cutting edge of security technology. Smart technology makes it easy for you to interact with your safe, control the accessibility of your safe, and ensure you can find your safe if taken. 

There are several smart safes in the market today, and choosing the right one for you is important. You and your home deserve top assurance and insurance that your most cherished possessions are safe and secure. Learn about the essential features of a smart safe to secure that your purchase is the best safe out there. 

Integrated HD Cameras

Have you ever watched an old true crime show showing videotapes of a robbery or hostage situation? You have to squint your eyes, turn your head, and lean forward to make out the blurred image of the intruder. An analog camera took the surveillance tapes you see in these shows. They weren't very effective at capturing the true identity, only the silhouette of a masked gunman holding up a convenience store cashier. 

HD refers to "high-definition," which helps minimize blur and enhances your ability to see images with clarity. HD cameras can "record larger images with clear resolution" and therefore the preferred camera choice for any video surveillance.

Facial recognition is essential to make identifying the safe's owner or intruder easy.

Not only could you identify a thief in seconds, but you can also see your items within your safe through the expanded lens of an HD camera. Clearly, cameras are an important feature of any safe. We recommend The Space Safe because this safe features both internal and external cameras so you can see what's happening from all angles and eliminate the need for adding additional drop cams. 

LCD touch screen

An LCD touch screen has endless benefits instead of a traditional turn-lock or keypad. 

  1. Speed - helps safe operate faster
  2. Easy to use - take the guesswork out of accurate code input
  3. User friendly - easy to read and interact with 
  4. Device Size - less bulk, sleeker 
  5. Cleanliness - easy to clean with a microfiber cloth

An LCD touchscreen mimics the look and feel of a tablet; making a smart safe discreet. The Space Safe is the only safe on the market with an intuitive touch screen. 

Biometric fingerprint authentication

At the heart of biometric security lies the value of obscurity. Your fingerprint is unique to you, making any impossible to fake entry if it's not you. Biometric fingerprint authentication protects your safe from getting broken into and gives you the peace of mind that your items are safe where they are. 

Another significant advantage of fingerprint authentication is that it's fast so that you can access the contents of your safe quickly. 

The Space Safe has 360° technology so that the safe can read your fingerprint at any angle.  

Tamper sensors

Tamper sensors are necessary anytime there is a risk where an item could be damaged once hacked, or a thief could compromise the unit's functionality. Tamper sensors detect physical tampering with the safe. The tamper sensors are the first line of defense in deactivating a safe to protect what's inside. 

Luckily The Space Safe has tamper sensors embedded in the safe, so an automatic shutdown will ensue if tampering is evident. The LCD touchscreen becomes completely inaccessible, while sensors and notifications remain on. If touched, your interface will display an alarming message and send a message to you wherever you are in the world. 

App connectivity

Connect to your safe anytime, anywhere with the use of a secure smart app. Any app connected to your smart safe should function as your safety blanket whenever you are away from your home safe. You should have the capability to adjust the temperature, lock down the device for security, and determine user access. 

App connectivity helps you relax and let go of any worry that something is happening to your safe without your knowledge. Your app will alert you with essential information to call the police, disarm the safe, or view the safe itself to see what tripped an alarm. 

Except for The Space Safe, no other smart safe or traditional safe has this feature!

Multiple user capability

Chances are that it's not just you that needs access to your smart safe. A spouse, mature child, or trusted loved one may need to get in the safe when you are not around.

There is only one smart safe on the market with this function. With The Space Safe, you can set up multiple users with unique passcodes to ensure security. This feature also makes The Space Safe perfect for AirBnB's or hotels. You can set and reset user access using your special access privilege as the owner. 

Temperature sensors

Some items in your safe are more prone to environmental damage. Guns or other metal items can rust with too much moisture. Cash can wrinkle and deteriorate in too humid or too dry environments. An optimal environment is essential to keep paper documents, family heirlooms, and other artifacts valuable.

Your smart safe should have temperature control both on the safe's interface, as well as on any smart app that connects to the safe. 


Many fancy bells and whistles could be added to a smart safe, but not all are necessary or even wanted by the people that use them. The Space Safe is designed to give the owner what they need:

  • HD Cameras to scope who is in and around your safe
  • Discreet design with an LCD touch screen
  • Biometric Fingerprint detection for easy access
  • Tamper sensors eliminates the chance of someone breaking into your safe and will let you know of any foul play through alerts to your cell phone
  • Connection to your safe from anywhere in the world through app connectivity 
  • Multiple User capabilities so others can access the safe at your discretion
  • Keep belongings within the safe protected with temperature control

Through cutting-edge, precise, user-friendly technology, anyone that owns The Space Safe will have easy access, ultimate item protection, and maximum security. 


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— Danielle Cotter