Mycube vs. The Space Safe - 6 Top Things You Should Know Before Making Your Safe Purchase

Mycube vs. The Space Safe - 6 Top Things You Should Know Before Making Your Safe Purchase

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Only the best modern technology will do when it comes to keeping expensive valuables or private documents secure. A
biometric safe uses innovative technology to keep your possessions safe. While there are only a few smart safes on the market, some are more effective than others in preventing theft and keeping you connected and informed. Let’s look at Mycube’s Classic and iCube, and The Space Safe to see which fingerprint safe is the right choice for you.


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6 Things to Know Before Making Your Safe Purchase

You need a safe with the most advanced home security features if you’re looking to store items such as birth certificates, financial documents, medications, fine jewelry, and handguns. Here are six things you should know before you make your purchase.

  1. Choose Advanced, Quality Biometrics

Biometric authentication uses your unique fingerprint to authorize access to your safe. While this may seem a full-proof way to keep your items secure, not all biometrics are created equally. Some biometric systems are unreliable, and if they malfunction, you may not be able to get quick access to your possessions. Mycube offers a line of biometric safes, but there is little information about their safety and reliability. The Mycube classic’s biometric sensor is protruding allowing an intruder to bang it out to try to gain access to your safe, while the iCube doesn’t even offer the ability to open your safe with biometrics.

The Space Safe features the most advanced biometric technology available. The uniquely large scanning surface uses 360-degree live fingerprint detection for a quick unlock from any angle. With 508 dots per inch (DPI), our smart safe’s biometrics surpass the security standards of FBI-compliant systems. The Space Safe allows up to four user profiles per safe, with three fingerprints each. No other biometric safe can offer the same security. Best of all, the fingerprint sensor on The Space Safe is virtually hidden and it’s flush to the front of the entire door of the safe box. 

  1. Look for Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity and App

Some safes can connect to the internet, allowing for functions such as remote notifications and app connectivity - Mycube Classic does not offer this. With the iCube, some consumers may feel uncomfortable with only being able to open the safe remotely. What happens if the safe loses internet connection? Does that mean you cannot access your iCube contents? With no alternative way to open the safe via PIN or key, it would seem that one would not be able to access the contents. 

The Space Safe is built with 256 AES-bit encryption, making it incredibly unlikely that someone will be able to hack your safe. In fact, a 256-bit key has 15,792,089,237,316,195,423,570,985,008,687,907,853,269,984,665,640,564,039,457,584,007,913,129,639,936 possible combinations. In other words, the odds of someone hacking your safe are extremely low. If you’re still concerned about privacy, you can use the Space Safe without connecting it to Wi-Fi like a traditional safe. Of course you can still access the safe with a PIN, biometrics, or by backup key - something Mycube does not offer. 

  1. The Importance of Multiple Entry Methods

If one of your entry methods fails, it is critical to have other ways to access the contents of your safe. Unfortunately, the iCube only offers one method of unlocking your safe – remotely, meaning if there is a power outage or these methods fail, you will not be able to get to your valuables, which poses a problem in case of an emergency.

Aside from top-notch biometrics, The Space Safe has a backup battery, pin code access, and a backup locking system. If you lose power, your safe will automatically go into low-power mode to preserve energy, allowing you to open it using your fingerprint or code. If the backup battery runs out of power before your electricity can be restored, use one of three emergency keys provided with your purchase to open your safe. The 4KS lock system incorporated into The Space Safe scans your custom cut key four times, compared with conventional mechanisms that only scan it once. Every detail of The Space Safe has been meticulously designed to provide you with the ultimate home safe security. Although the Mycube Classic offers key access, it is not very secure. 

  1. Choose Your Design and Security Carefully

Design is essential when choosing your ideal fingerprint safe. Both Mycube safes basically look like traditional safes, whereas  The Space Safe has a sleek, attractive design; making it more discreet. SPACE’s biometric safe looks like a printer, tablet, or other tech item to the untrained eye. If an intruder happens to get into your home, they may not even notice your safe, as the LCD touchscreen display only lights up when touched.

As for Security, the thickness of The Space Safe’s metal is far superior to Mycube’s safes, and SPACE’s door has a 3mm tempered glass that covers the metal door.

  1. Consider Tamper Sensors

The iCube, Mycube’s wi-fi enabled safe, sends notifications if anyone attempts to open your safe… but what if someone were to break open or pick up the safe? The Space Safe has sensitive accelerometers that detect any gravitational force, such as shocks, drops, or shakes. If tampering is detected, you will receive a notification via The Space App. From the app, you can also view The Space Safe’s live camera footage showing you who is trying to access your possessions - something Mycube does not offer. When the tamper sensors are triggered, your safe will go into automatic Lockdown Mode, rendering the display unusable and showing an alarming message to deter intruders - something Mycube does not have.

  1. The Problem With Remote Unlocking Capability

The Mycube iCube safe remote unlocking capabilities may seem like a convenient feature, however, it makes it much easier for someone who is unauthorized  to unlock the iCube for themselves - making your valuables vulnerable. We intentionally avoided including this feature in the best interest of our customers.

The Space Safe offers temporary pin codes if you ever need to give someone access to your safe from a distance - something iCube does not offer. For maximum security, you can send one temporary pin code every 24 hours, valid for five minutes after sending. This ingenious capability offers you the same advantage as remote unlocking without the security threat.

Why The Space Safe Is the Best Choice

The many security features in SPACE’s biometric safe, The Space Safe, make it the ideal choice for optimum security. While different models of Mycube offer various features, you won’t find a safe of theirs with even close to as many incorporated security specs as The Space Safe. Take advantage of the best home safe security and order the futuristic Space Safe today. We highly recommend it!


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