Safe Lock - A Key Component of Our Biometric Safe

Safe Lock - A Key Component of Our Biometric Safe



The Space Safe is a biometric safe that uses FBI-standard clearance to protect valuables and personal belongings. However, certain situations may require a physical backup key to access the interior. We value your privacy and security above all else, which is why our smart safe comes equipped with an extremely advanced locking mechanism to ensure maximum home-safe security

Our Safe Lock vs. Theirs

Traditional locking mechanisms are easily broken and can usually be picked with a Google search, a bit of practice, and patience. Our passion for our product led us to team up with a well-known security company to develop an exceptional locking system to protect items stored in your Space Safe. The inventive 4KS system by EVVA is used and trusted by high-profile institutions such as universities, retail chains, and shopping centers. Why use this kind of system for a fingerprint safe when no other safe uses such high security for this tier? Because your personal security matters just as much to us! For that reason we use a lock that retails around $200 per lock while others use a lock that retails for $10 per lock. 

What Makes Our Lock So Good



Our lock falls within the second-highest tier of all high-security locks, making EVVA’s 4KS locking system virtually impossible to break into. Extreme durability and resistance give you peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected no matter what. This complex system uses springless technology, disabling the possibility of picking, scanning, or drilling the lock. With patent protection until 2037, you will not find a safe with this unshakeable system anywhere else.

Take a Look Inside…


Inside of the lock

It all comes down to the genius, methodical design carefully constructed to resist unwanted tampering. The 4KS cylinders slide along the curved cuts of the key with exact precision with no need for the additional force other systems require. When unlocking your safe, six key curves bring twelve springless sliders into a specific position, scanned by two control bars. An additional bar on the bottom of the plug further codes the key. While this sounds like a mouthful, in total, the 4KS key is scanned four times, as opposed to one single scan that conventional mechanisms use and provides 1 in 133,000,000,000 possible key combinations - yes, that’s billions. 


The Key

The Key

The reversible 4KS key is easy to use with a rounded tip designed for optimum grip. Your key is made of the highest quality nickel-silver alloy, with an anti-friction coating to prevent wear throughout its use. The most impressive feature of the 4KS key is the overlapping curve key cuts, making manipulation extremely difficult and highly unlikely. This complex innovation gives your fingerprint safe yet another level of added security to protect your documents and valuables.

International Certificates

The 4KS system holds international and country-specific certificates that make it suitable for use across Europe. The ingenious mechanics that make the 4KS system so secure are truly made with top-notch security in mind, which is why we use it for The Space Safe.

4KS in the Space Safe

As the all around best biometric safe on the market, we must provide you with all the tools you need for maximum home-safe security. Because we prioritize your protection, we provide three backup keys with the purchase of your safe, while other companies only provide two keys. Please keep your keys in a safe, accessible place for your convenience.

What If I Lose One or All My Keys?

Please contact us immediately if you lose all three keys included with your Space Safe. After authenticating your ownership of your smart safe, you can order a new replacement key for a fee of $50 per key plus shipping. Since keys come from the factory, it can take up to six weeks to cut, receive, and ship your key, which is why we recommend keeping your keys in a safe location. We will notify you with an estimated timeframe after you place your replacement key order.

The Key to Staying Protected

Unlike other companies regards for the security of your fingerprint safe or the lack of, we never cut corners. Our passion for our product and customers drove us to search for and provide an extremely  high-quality mechanical lock from an extremely reputable brand. The 4KS system and the myriad of incredible security features of The Space Safe make it the most advanced biometric safe available today.

Tamper Sensors, Live Camera Feed, and Lockdown Mode

Accelerometers on The Space Safe can detect any gravitational force, such as shaking, dropping, tipping, or shock. If the accelerometers are triggered, you will be notified via The Space App or SMS.

Even if the accelerometers do not detect movement, you will be informed if anyone activates your safe's display and attempts to gain access to your safe. View live camera feed in the app and see who may be trying to open your safe. These security features, in combination with the 4KS locking mechanism, make your biometric safe from SPACE the safest place for your valuables.


The advanced biometrics incorporated in The Space Safe is on par with FBI-compliant systems, with 508 dots per inch (DPI). 360-degree fingerprint detection technology makes it easy to use while remaining incredibly secure. Each safe can hold the biometrics of up to four users with five fingerprints per user. We chose to include the 4KS locking system to allow for additional access options in case of an emergency or power outage by offering this exceptionally secure lock.

Backup Battery

In case of a power outage, your Space Safe is outfitted with a backup battery and automatically goes into low-power mode to conserve energy. If your electricity is disrupted for an extended time, you will still be able to access your space with one of the three 4KS keys included with the purchase of your smart safe.


The Space Safe

The Space Safe – The Most Secure Biometric Safe on the Market

The advanced, complex design of the 4KS key system adds yet another layer of protection to your belongings. Our passion for our product inspired us to think through every possible scenario, providing you with incredible features to maximize your peace of mind. Enjoy the advanced locking technology included in the dynamic, secure Space Safe.


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-- Elsie Day