Securing Your Safe: Best (and Worst) Practices

Securing Your Safe: Best (and Worst) Practices


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Investing in a high-quality biometric safe is the best thing you can do to ensure the complete security of your valuable and personal items. For example, The Space Safe has many innovative, futuristic features to safeguard your belongings from theft. With 0.87 cubic feet of storage, this smart safe has plenty of room for all your documents, jewelry, and electronics. 

Once you have your safe, you will begin to think about where you will place your safe and how to best secure your safe.

Where Should You Put Your Safe?

With a sleek design and convenient size, you can put The Space Safe virtually anywhere, but some spots are better than others. In order to quickly access your most prized possessions, you must put your safe in a private yet easily accessible place.

Places to Put Your Safe

Here are our recommendations for the best places to secure your biometric safe.


cluttered basement


As a private, low-traffic area, your basement may be a great place to store your safe. Basements also tend to be more cluttered than the rest of the house, so even if a burglar decides to look down there, there is a high probability that they'll never even come across your fingerprint safe or have the time to venture to your basement.


If you've converted your basement into a game room, man cave, or other social space, think twice before securing your biometric safe there. With many different people going in and out, you never know if your safe will catch someone's eye. Additionally, basements may be more susceptible to extra moisture or floods that can damage the contents of your safe. Luckily, The Space Safe has humidity and temperature sensors that you can monitor through The Space App.




Securing your fingerprint safe in a closet keeps it out of view while still being very easy to get to, especially if you decide to put it in your bedroom closet. For added security, you can bolt your safe to the wall or to your closet.


Closets are a fairly common location where a burglar may check for valuables. However, the discreet design of The Space Safe and various home safe security features make the likelihood of successful theft extremely low.

Worst Places to Put Your Safe

While you can store your safe virtually anywhere, there are a few places you may want to avoid.




The garage is one of the least secure areas in your home. An intruder can easily access your garage by breaking the padlock, hacking the electric closure system, or jamming open the side door or window and you would never even know. Plus, the temperatures in your garage fluctuate immensely from season to season, which could damage important items.


While the attic may seem like a remote, secret place to keep your safe, it's too difficult to access. If you have to leave your home quickly for an emergency, it might take too long to get to your valuables. It would be best if you considered securing your biometric safe somewhere that is a little easier to get to and someplace that is sure to have an electrical outlet to power your device.

High-Traffic Areas

living room


High-traffic areas like the kitchen and living room are not a ideal location for your safe. In social gatherings, you never know whom you can trust, so best leave it out of sight. Someone may make a mental note of your safe and come back later to attempt theft. The safe will be very visible and obvious in these locations, but the good news is with The Space Safe’s notifications, if anything does happen, you will be notified.

Securing Your Safe

Some The Space Safe owners may choose to bolt their safe to the wall to prevent any possibility of someone carrying the safe away. For added security your safe has two pre-drilled holes in the back and two pre-drilled holes on the bottom of your safe, and comes with two bolts to anchor to your wall via concrete or a stud. There are also four pre-drilled holes on the bottom and back . However, physically securing your smart safe is not always as convenient. What if you want to relocate it? You may leave an empty hole in your wall. Plus, The Space Safe has various added security measures, so successful theft is highly unlikely, even if you decide not to mount it.

Innovative Tamper Sensors With Automatic Lockdown

Accelerometers integrated into The Space Safe can detect any gravitational pull, including tilts, shocks, drops, and shakes. When this happens, the safe will automatically go into Lockdown Mode and send you a notification via the app or SMS message if you are in Airbnb mode. In Lockdown Mode, the interface will become inaccessible and display an alarming message when touched. So even if you prefer not to secure your safe on the wall, you'll know instantly if someone tries to carry your 55lb safe away.

Discreet Design

The Space Safe


The sleek, discreet design of The Space Safe looks nothing like conventional safes. It resembles a tablet or other high-tech device. The screen only lights up when touched, so even if your home is targeted for a break-in, the intruder is unlikely even to notice your smart safe.

Heavier Than Other Smart Safes

The Space Safe weighs in at 55 pounds empty – light enough for you to lift in an emergency to move a few inches, but way too heavy for a burglar to pickup and carry out of your home, especially since he would have to move fast once Lockdown Mode and the alarm is initiated. You can also take advantage of two-way communication by telling the intruder that authorities are on their way from the app

Remote Access With The Space App

Connect your Space Safe to your home Wi-Fi and pair it with your mobile device with The Space App for ultimate peace of mind. In the app, you can view a detailed activity log of each time the safe was opened, watch the live camera feed of the interior and exterior, adjust user access, change exterior lighting, and initiate or disable Lockdown Mode. The Space App allows you to see what's happening with your safe from anywhere in the world - literally!

The Space Safe is Versatile and Secure

No matter where you decide to put your biometric safe, The Space Safe offers amazing home safe security features to deter potential intruders and losses. Order your Space Safe today and take ownership of your security and ensuring a safe space.


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-- Elsie Day