SPACE Competitor News - Recall from Awesafe

SPACE Competitor News - Recall from Awesafe

Awesafe Biometric Gun SafesAwesafe Biometric Gun Safes open

On February 22, 2024, Awesafe recalled about 60,000 safes due to Serious Injury Hazard and Risk of Death.


Recall Details


This recall involves certain Awesafe biometric gun safes. The recalled gun safes are black, can fit two pistols, and have the brand name “Awesafe” on the front.



Consumers should immediately stop using the biometric feature, remove the batteries, and only use the key for the recalled safes to store firearms until they get the free replacement safe. Contact Awesafe to receive instructions on disabling the biometric feature and to receive a free replacement safe. Consumers will be asked to disable the biometric reader and email a photo of the disabled biometric reader to in order to receive a replacement safe. The instructions on how to safely disable the biometric reader are also located at Once they receive their replacement safe, consumers should discard the recalled safe in accordance with local laws.



The firm has received reports of 71 incidents of the recalled gun safes being opened by unauthorized users when the biometric lock failed to secure the safe. No injuries have been reported.


Sold At:
Walmart stores nationwide and online at and from August 2019 until December 7, 2022, for about $130.



Shenghaina Technology Co. Ltd., d/b/a Awesafe, of China


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Awesafe Biometric Gun Safes



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 The Space Safe


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