The Beginner's Guide To What A Smart Safe Really Is

The Beginner's Guide To What A Smart Safe Really Is


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If you’ve ever wondered what a smart safe is, you might be thrown off by some common misconceptions. For example, there is a common misconception that money counters and smart safes are synonymous. While this may have been the case 10 or 20 or 30 years ago, it is no longer true today. Today’s smart safes are the known traditional safe boxes that you buy to store your valuables but with innovative tech to keep you connected to your valuables via the internet or your phone. Generally, people tend to underestimate just how smart these ingenious tools are, and like everything else in the world, there are many levels of quality and levels of security for smart safes. Basic smart safes just connect to your cell phone, while more advanced smart safes like The Space Safe bring you the latest technology to protect your valuables with dozens of more features. Once you understand exactly the benefits of what a fingerprint safe smart safe is, you’ll see why The Space Safe is the best modern solution for your privacy and security.

What Is a Smart Safe?

A smart safe incorporates cutting-edge technology into the design to increase protection and connect you to your safe and your most prized possessions. Although you end up paying a premium to have this connectivity to your safe, it’s the perfect home-safe security tool and totally worth the cost. Having a safe with futuristic abilities allows you to put your mind at ease, knowing your cash, jewels, documents,and other valuables are protected from theft. Plus, you can use your safe anywhere, from your home to your office.

Basic designs may incorporate a log of your safe’s activity or allow for remote unlocking. Other companies offer more extensive features, providing better security and connectivity. When choosing the safe that is best for you, you’ll want to consider what features matter most to you. Generally, the more you pay for your safe, the more features and more security you get. 

A fingerprint safe uses biometric technology, such as fingerprint recognition, to restrict access and block anyone without authorized access from opening it. It’s a great alternative to using keys or combinations that might easily be misplaced or stolen. The Space Safe is the only smart safe to truly allow multiple users to enter their biometric information for a quick, convenient unlock, allowing up to four user profiles with multiple fingerprints per user. With its 360-degree fingerprint detection system, access and security are a breeze. 

The ability to remotely control and monitor your safe is another amazing feature some brands offer. With more advanced smart safes like The Space Safe, you can easily check on the safe’s status and see who opened it and when, all with the help of The Space App – a feature only smart safes offer. These features are helpful for businesses or individuals who need to keep track of cash or other valuables by employee, by event, or during a specific time period.

The Space Safe takes remote monitoring to new heights with top-of-the-line tamper sensors. You’ll receive a notification if any gravitational shock, or drop is detected. It also is the only safe to feature an exterior camera and interior camera, so you’ll see who’s trying to break into your safe and what they’re trying to take in real-time.

A common concern that many users have is being locked out of their safe if a power outage occurs. Most modern safes are powered by batteries, and when they run out, it really is a disaster to get back in to switch the batteries. That’s because the only way to change the batteries is from the inside, and if your batteries die, make sure you don't lose your keys. With The Space Safe, you are constantly connected to power and have a backup battery in case of an emergency. In a worst case scenario, if the backup battery does die, just connect a battery pack to your safe and you’ll have instant use. Space’s low-power mode will activate during these situations to preserve power, ensuring continued access while still keeping you protected. Very few safes have a low-power mode that will save on power while still keeping you informed about what’s going on with your safe – The Space Safe is one of them.

Clearing Up Misconceptions: Questions You May Have About Smart Safes

Because the incredible technology embedded into smart safes is so new, there is a lot of misinformation available, which can deter you from making such a smart purchase. Before you opt for something more antiquated, consider the facts.

Isn’t a Smart Safe Just a Money Counter?

There is a common misconception that these innovative safes are just money counters. While there are safes built for this purpose, limiting this type of safe to only its money management features ignores the other features they’re capable of. Many fingerprint safes are equipped with astounding home-safe security features that help you protect your jewelry, documents, and other valuables. 

Are Smart Safes Hard to Use?

The idea that real fingerprint safes are complicated to use by those without technical training is completely true. Unfortunately, many safe companies out there have created smart safes that are extremely complicated to set up, to use, and will give you many headaches. Fortunately, there was one company, Space, that saw this issue and created a safe that is extremely easy to set up and use for everyday people. The Space Safe is the first safe developed with people in mind. Designers of the modern biometric safe have worked to make your experience as simple as possible. Most modern safes feature very intuitive interfaces that even the most tech-savvy person has issues with, even when you read the step-by-step instructions. Thankfully, this is not the case with The Space Safe. 

Aren’t Smart Safes Easy to Hack?

Another common misunderstanding is that these safes are vulnerable to hackers because they utilize technology. Depending on the type of safe and the technology they use, it can be true, so it's important to review the security of each safe you are interested in purchasing. After all, a safe’s purpose is keeping unwanted visitors out, and your safe is no exception. In order to prevent unauthorized access, the most secure smart safes such as The Space Safe are equipped with robust security measures, including encryption and passwords. Wi-fi connectivity allows your safe to receive automatic software upgrades that patch security flaws and keep everything working properly.

Are Smart Safes Unreliable?

Some consumers worry that their safe may stop working at the worst possible time. This is a valid fear, as most users store important documents, cash, and valuables – exactly the kinds of items you’ll need in case of an emergency. If the power in your home goes out, your Space Safe will go into low-power mode, because the interior backup battery will kick in. In the event of a prolonged power outage, you can use one of three keys included with your purchase. 

While some safes like Motorola are low-quality and easy to physically damage, The Space Safe is designed with a very sturdy construction and top-notch materials that can survive regular usage.

Are Smart Safes Only Used For Businesses?

Many people think safes are only worthwhile for businesses, like retailer stores or hotels rather than for private homes. However, a biometric safe is a great personal investment. They can be useful for protecting your values and important documents. The Space Safe is perfect for families, since they are the only safe to allow multiple user profiles with each family member having their own unique biometrics.

Are Traditional Safe More Secure Than Smart Safes?

A final misconception is that smart safes are less secure than mechanical ones. That couldn’t be further from the truth because they’re essentially the same. Biometric locks, multiple-user access codes, and remote access capabilities are of the cutting-edge security features for some of today’s safes. Innovation and cutting-edge technology mean that your safe keeps your valuables well protected. Like everything else in the world, depending on who the manufacturer is, you can either have a great quality product or something cheap and unreliable, so make sure you choose something like The Space Safe as your safe – so you have a great quality product that is far better than traditional safes and other smart safes.

Protect Your Peace of Mind With The Space Safe

With The Space Safe, it’s easy to protect the things that matter most. You don’t have to be a tech wizard or pay thousands of dollars to maintain peace of mind. Preorder The Space Safe today.