The Best Place to Put Your Home Smart Safe

The Best Place to Put Your Home Smart Safe


You have made the wise decision to buy a smart safe to protect your valuables. Now you are trying to choose the best place to put your safe. Where is the best place to install a safe to keep your precious valuables protected? Although there is no exact place that works in every home, several guidelines can help you choose the best location. Luckily, there are many protocols safe owners can put in place to protect their smart safes and protect their homes from being a target for burglary.

According to the most recent FBI report in 2019, "victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $3.0 billion in property losses in 2019. The average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,661."

It would be best if those statistics didn't include you! Follow the guidelines below to choose the best place to keep your safe.

Essential Considerations for Smart Safe Placement

climate control smart safe
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The temperature environment your safe will be kept in should be low humidity and temperature controlled. This ensures your smart safe will operate adequately and stay structurally sound over time. Keep your safe away from vents and windows to ensure a consistent temperature. 


Burglars spend only a few minutes inside a home once they have gained entry. Thus, they know where to look for the items they want to steal—placing your safe in a room where burglars expect it, increases the risk of attempted access to the safe. The master bedroom is the most common place to keep ha safe. We recommend choosing a different location to reduce the risk of burglars accessing the safe because they won't have time. 

Low traffic

Place your safe in a low-traffic area. You don't need to hide your safe completely; however, there should be a barrier or protection from accidental damage. For example, you can bolt down your safe. The Space Safe is unique in that it provides both a sleek design and the ability to anchor your safe for added protection.

Anchoring capability

Bolt down your safe to a secure wall or floor space. The Space Safe has four pre-drilled holes to accommodate this essential requirement. Not bolting down your safe makes it a target for theft and easy for a burglar to escape with it. Make sure the room you decide to place your safe has strong anchoring capability. 

Low burglary risk

The master bedroom is the first place a burglar is likely to look for precious loot. You will want to keep your safe in a less common area, such as an office or storage room. Alternatively, you can have two or three safes. You can put one safe in your bedroom to keep replaceable items and another in a hidden spot where you protect irreplaceable items. 

Low fire and flood risk

Assess the risk for fire, flood, and other disasters in the place you choose to put your safe. Anytime a safe is on the ground nearest the earth, there is a risk of flood damage. Conversely, any area with heaters, electrical equipment, or gas could put your safe at risk due to fire. You will also want to think about a place free of debris and spill risk. 

Where should you put your safe?


Putting your safe in a closet will help conceal it from intruders. Intruders are only in the home for a few minutes and thus will take or access whatever is easiest. You can protect your safe by stashing it in a closet in a less prominent part of your home. The difficulty of putting your safe in a closet is that you may not access it when you need to. Make sure that you choose a closet away from entry points in your home and one that you can easily remember. 

Storage Room

A storage room on the main level of your home is another option. Like a closet, you can conceal your safe in a low-traffic, highly obscure place. If you choose to put your safe in a storage room, make sure you anchor the safe to the wall or floor to avoid someone from taking it. Additionally, keep the safe free from heavy objects placed on top of the safe.

put your smart safe in your office

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Your safe is more accessible if you place it in your office instead of a closet, which means it is more visible and can be a target for stealing. However, making your office the safe's home is better than some alternatives if you plan to access your safe frequently. You want to make sure your office has the space to bolt the safe down and be on the main or upper level of your home instead of a basement. 

Where shouldn't you put your safe?

Do not put your smart safe in the master bedroom

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Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is where thieves expect precious items to be, including a safe. Therefore, you don't want to put your safe in such a prominent place. If your master bedroom is the best option for you and your family, ensure the safe is partially concealed and anchored in a corner or walk-in closet instead of out in the open on a dresser or end table. 


Attics are prone to drastic temperature changes that could change your safe's functionality over time. Additionally, the attic is one of the least visited parts of a home. Thus, you may find that you don't access it as much as you need to. 


Due to the risk of flooding and moisture damage, it's not recommended to place your safe in the basement. If the basement is the best option for you, make sure to position it high on a shelf and bolt it to the wall instead of placing it on the floor. If your basement floods, your safe can remain protected.

Do not put your smart safe in the garage

The garage is an easy target for burglary


Did you know that 65% of burglaries occur between 10 am and 3 pm during the weekdays? Thus, garages, which may not be as secure as the home itself, are prime targets for thieves that are just "walking by" looking for something to steal. If you put your safe in the garage, it could be at risk of being broken into or taken simply because access to it is easier than if it was in your home. Also, garages are not typically temperature controlled, so the safe may be at risk of climate damage.

Regardless of where you decide to store your safe, The Space Safe has all the backup features such as cameras, notifications, and tamper sensors to help you in the event of an intrusion. The choice of where to place your safe is up to you. We hope this article serves as a helpful guide in making your decision. 



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