The Top 5 Smart Home Appliances that Just Make Sense

The Top 5 Smart Home Appliances that Just Make Sense


Innovation, technology, and security are three threads of the future being constantly woven together. With smart home appliances at the forefront of every buyer, seller, and renter’s conversation, it’s a natural progression towards feeling safe and comfortable in one’s own space. 

When we say “smart” products, that’s exactly what we mean. Products you have seen your entire life updated with modern technology to make Some are more exciting than others: biometric home safes we can monitor constantly that keep our belongings protected, refrigerators that use stock sensors to alert us to our next grocery trip, and video doorbells that ensure theft, break-ins, and surprise visits from Jehovah’s Witnesses are a thing of the past. 

And it’s not just the door, or the home safe, or the smart TV. It’s the full integration of everything at home to make your life that much easier. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

1. Smart Safe

For some reason, when it comes to home safes, we think the clunkier the better. As if the heavy enforced metal and ominous-looking combination lock is the ultimate thief deterrent, or protector of valuables. Materially, it might be sound. It’s been nearly 20 years since the introduction of biometric safes, but we haven’t seen any advances since then...until now. With smart safes, you can protect and monitor your valuables from anywhere in the world, so why not go the extra step in security? Motion and tamper sensors notify you via app of unwanted intrusions, temperature and humidity sensors allow you to keep your valuables in perfect condition, and interior/exterior cameras let you keep an eye on what’s important. It’s quite literally like having a second home for your most prized possessions. Brands like SPACE, which was created by Oscar Hedaya, are on the precipice of integrating our personal inventory with the rest of the gadgets we use to make us safe and comfortable wherever we go. And, as with other smart appliances, the smart safe looks just as sleek and gorgeous as the latest and greatest phone or tablet. Without the overdone “safe” look, its tempered glass face hides in plain sight wherever you want to display it. The simple black display and LED accents do not even hint at what could possibly be inside. For anyone who cares about security, this is definitely the one product you are missing.

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2. Smart Refrigerator 

    The first running refrigerator was patented in 1899. And it took another 100+ years for a “smart” model to come on the market. The wait has been worth it, though. Smart refrigerators can tell you what you have in stock, what’s expiring soon, and whether your ice is running low. Plus, wouldn’t it be so convenient if you could just...text your refrigerator and ask what it needs from the grocery store? Spoiler alert: you basically can. With app integration, bluetooth, and stocking sensors, it’s like having a very quiet family member that always knows when everyone needs to eat. Instead of the annoying low beep when the door is left open on accident, you get a notification. You can leave notes, glance at a calendar, and look up recipes. Which is perfect for that box of baby spring mix you bought when you were excited to make a salad...and is totally about to expire. Woops. 

    Currently LG, GE, and Samsung make the smart refrigerators that we buy and love. 

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    3. Smart Video Doorbell

      As much fun as it is to guess who can possibly be dropping by, the safe route is being able to see and assess your unexpected guests remotely. With the new wave of video doorbells (like Ring), the list of pros left the cons behind in the dust. Motion sensing can detect attempts at burglary or vandalism, or a sneaky animal that’s gotten into your package of dog food...twice. Intercom allows for communication with whoever’s at your front door, even if you’re not around. And footage to have whenever you need it is probably the soundest perk of all. Some of our favorite Twitter accounts and articles are those dedicated to absolutely unbelievable video doorbell footage that couldn’t be caught otherwise. Even if you feel safe in your neighborhood, it’s 100% worth it for those times you least expect. 

      4. Smart Washer/Dryer Combo

        Schedule your laundry to run at a specific time, or start a load remotely. You can be running your errands while your laundry basically does itself and have it ready when you arrive. It’s all anybody’s ever wanted, truly. Plus, smart washer/dryer combos are some of the most easily integrated into smart homes due to built-in wifi and special fitted sensors throughout the machine. You can pick from a large variety of specialized cycles, know exactly when to change your lint trap, and save energy while doing all of it. Suddenly, one of the most tedious chores becomes our favorite. 

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        5. Smart Lock

          The convenience of never having to worry about forgetting your keys might be one of the biggest perks we can think of with smart locks. When all you need to get in your house is you, suddenly balancing 6 grocery bags (no more than one trip at a time, naturally) is a lot easier because you’re not fumbling for a key ring on your stoop. Smart integration varies across brands, but for the most part, it’s the latest and greatest in home security. You can let in a guest who beat you to the house, and you can avoid exorbitant locksmith costs by never needing to get your home rekeyed or your lock picked. 

          As much as we believe in and love the old school, it gets tiring. When it comes to how you feel at home, it’s time to integrate and keep up. We might not want roommates, but having appliances that we know are taking care of us is a pretty good call.



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           — Lizz Evalen