Top 6 Reasons Why You Need A Smart Safe In A Rental Home

Top 6 Reasons Why You Need A Smart Safe In A Rental Home


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Short-term rentals such as Airbnbs are rising in popularity as affordable and unique places for travelers to stay when they are away from home. Airbnbs give guests the opportunity to explore a new city or country in an intimate way, providing an experience that traditional hotels can’t match. These features make utilizing a space as a short-term rental incredibly lucrative for property owners. However, for both parties, security is a significant drawback. Guests may feel apprehensive about leaving valuable items in an apartment or home that someone else has or may have access to. On the other hand, there may be hosts that have items they want to protect and secure while someone stays in their home.

That's where having a good smart safe, also called a biometric safe or a fingerprint safe comes in. With various innovative features, the right smart safe will allow you and your guests to store and monitor valuables, protecting them from theft. It's the perfect home-safe security solution.

What Is a Smart Safe?

A smart safe has capabilities that traditional safes can never match. Smart safes utilize cutting-edge technology to provide you with a level of security and convenience that is unmatched by other security options. Depending on the company and model, these safes are designed to be accessed and controlled through a smartphone, app, and/or web interface. In particular, The Space Safe is the best of all and allows for remote access, camera and log monitoring, and management, making it the best storage option on the market.

6 Reasons You Need a Smart Safe In Your Rental Home

If you manage a short term rentals or any vacation rental properties such as an Airbnb, there are many reasons to invest in a smart safe. These innovative safes bring you and your guests ultimate peace of mind with carefully thought-out features to protect the things that matter most. 

For Guests…

Unlike any other smart safe, The Space Safe was made specially for Airbnbs and rental properties in mind, with a special mode created specifically for it; Airbnb Mode. Once guests check-in, they can receive up to date information via SMS in order to keep them connected to their valuables. In Airbnb Mode, The Space Safe only allows either the guest or the owner to have access for an added layer of security. So guests never have to worry if their valuables can be accessed by the owner.

Undeniable Security

A fingerprint safe provides a secure place for the guest to store sensitive items, such as passports, jewelry, electronics, money, and medications. This gives your guests peace of mind that their privacy is protected while they stay in your home. In today's world, people actively seek a vacation home with a safe, making the added value a critical feature to add to your Airbnb.

Stay Connected With Advanced Tampering Sensors

Guests will be pleased to know that The Space Safe smart safe is equipped with advanced tamper sensors. If the safe detects any gravitational pull, such as shocks, drops, or shakes, it will go into automatic lockdown mode, interface will become inaccessible, and guests will receive an SMS alerting them of this incident. Your guests will be thrilled to realize how secure this brilliant safe is, whether your guest is in the kitchen, on a hike, or sitting on the beach - they are always connected to their valuables and passport.

Secure Check-In

Once the guest arrives, they can check in on The Space Safe and create a  that will be valid throughout the duration of their stay without owners having access to the safe. Travelers will be thrilled to have a secure place to store their valuables with the knowledge that only they can access them. SMS notifications while they’re out and about will leave them feeling confident that their items are protected.

For Hosts…

A biometric safe also provides a variety of benefits for hosts, providing security for your own personal items while giving your guests an incredible experience in your home. 

Keep Your Valuables Safe

If you're renting out your personal home or another space as a temporary rental, you may have a few valuables you don't want your guests to get their hands on. The Space Safe gives you a discreet place to store your valuables where nobody can reach them but you. You can also manage and monitor your safe remotely for additional peace of mind with remote lockdown, cameras, and more.

Incredibly Sleek and Stylish

When it comes to rental properties, appearances matter. Today's travelers seek comfort and style that allows them to escape the drudgery and stress of their everyday lives. Traditional safes are an eyesore and can take away from the beautiful design of your property. The Space Safe is sleek, modern, and attractive to add an ultramodern edge to your rental. With such a sleek design, intruders are unlikely to notice it if they do manage to break into your property.

Eliminate Physical Contact With Guests

Take a few responsibilities off your shoulders by providing guests with The Space Safe by knowing your guests can utilize remote check-in on your smart safe as soon as they arrive and you never have to be there to assist them. Through the app you can keep track of your Space Safes remotely and monitor activity from afar without having to make the trip to your property. In a post-pandemic world, more and more hosts and guests are appreciating the ability to communicate without face-to-face contact.

Meet The Space Safe: The Perfect Smart Safe For Rentals

The Space Safe's futuristic technology and well-thought-out design make ‌it the perfect option for any property owner. It's sleek and unsuspecting, looking more like a printer or another unknown tech item to the casual observer. If you are a property manager who wants to protect your privacy or offer your guests the best way to secure their valuables, The Space Safe is the safe for you. Learn more about all the benefits of our revolutionary home-safe security solution and preorder your new favorite fingerprint safe to bring you and your guests ultimate peace of mind.