Top 7 Things You’ll Need to Secure Your First Home

Top 7 Things You’ll Need to Secure Your First Home


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Getting your first home and going shopping for furniture, fixtures, and decorations can be exciting; after all, who doesn’t want to live in an aesthetically pleasing home? While all these things may be important to you, your primary focus must be directed on the things that provide security and safety to your home and your family. You worked hard in getting your first home, so don’t allow it to be ruined by incidents that can be prevented by making the necessary preparations and precautions. 

Knowing where to start and what to purchase can be difficult; hence, we have come up with the top 7 things we believe you need to get to secure your first home. Lastly, putting together your budget for fixed product (such as below) and variable such as furniture, paint, etc., are extremely important. We recommend spending on your fixed items according to the list below before anything else, that way you don’t run out of money while still making sure you have your key items in your home.  

  1.     Security Cameras

home security camera

    Once you’re a homeowner, keeping an eye on your loved ones is very important. To find out how your loved ones are doing at home and to identify who comes in and out of the house, install security cameras. In case of a break-in, security cameras will help you identify the culprit.

    The best areas to place your security cameras are on the most used areas of the house, such as the doorways, living rooms, kitchens, and garages. For added security, you can also place security cameras in the driveway, front yard, and back yard - as these are the most common hiding places for burglars. If you have a two-story house, secure the second floor’s hallway by placing a camera so you can see anybody who tries to enter the rooms on that floor. Depending on the brand, costs could be anywhere from $20-200 per camera.

    1.     Smart Biometric Safe

    biometric safe

       Aside from protecting your family, it is imperative to secure your important documents and valuables, such as cash, jewelry, bank cards, insurance and medical documents, passport, and important keys. The best way to safeguard your valuables is to place them in a reliable home safe box, and we only trust The Space Safe.


      The Space Safe is a unique, futuristic biometric safe with noteworthy features that are proven to provide maximum protection to your valuables, so you can be confident that they are left untouched even when you’re away from home. Here are some of the features that we love about the safe:

      Biometric Sensors and Access

      There are hundreds of fingerprint safes in the market, but what sets The Space Safe apart with regards to biometric sensors is its biometric sensor not protruding like other safes. The problem with protruding biometric sensors is that burglars might break the sensor by force and be successful in gaining access to the biometric safe. Fortunately, you won’t have the same worry with The Space Safe.


      Additionally, the safe’s sensor is incomparable with the sensors of other fingerprint safes because The Space Safe uses a much more advanced sensor; its 508 DPI, 192 x 192 pixel capacitive sensor scans even your fingerprint’s smallest details so you’re sure that your fingerprint isn’t mismatched - and you minimize any false positives. The biometric fingerprint sensor is round so you can instantly unlock the safe at any angle for quick access - in case the need to access the safe is urgent

      Interior and Exterior Cameras

      The Space App

      This smart safe box is the world’s first safe equipped with interior and exterior cameras that allow you to see whoever is trying to access your safe and what they are touching if they gain access. So, you can be confident that you have full control over your valuables at all times. Have first-hand information on what’s happening with your safe, and view the camera feed via The Space App.

      Lockdown Feature

      If someone tries to access your safe with the wrong PIN code three times, the safe will automatically go into lockdown mode; making the LCD inaccessible. The  alarm will go off and you can notify 911 through the app. So, when an unauthorized person enters your home and tampers with your home safe box, you can alert the cops in no time. How reassuring is that?

      Unique Design

      biometric safe The Space Safe

      The Space Safe has a unique design that doesn’t resemble a typical biometric safe; hence, anybody who sees it won’t be able to recognize what it is. It also has a faux screen feature that allows you to put your screen saver of choice and lure people into thinking that it isn’t a safe, but rather a printer, radio, weather monitoring system, or digital picture frame. As a bonus, its modern and sleek design allows it to blend flawlessly with the rest of your home’s furniture, so it doesn’t ruin the overall interior design. 

      Check out more about The Space Safe to further understand why we only trust this smart safe box for your valuables. 

      1.     Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

      smoke detectors

        One of the primary responsibilities of homeowners is keeping everyone safe from danger, such as fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. The first major step in avoiding these dangerous situations is installing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the right places. The best place to install your detectors and alarms is on every level of the house and in all bedrooms so that everybody can hear whenever the alarms go off and wake those who are sleeping.


        The legal requirements for the installation of these detectors vary from state to state, so remind yourself to check with your local Fire Department from time to time in case changes are made to the requirements. They could set you back up to $100 per detector.

        1.     Fire Extinguisher

        fire extinguisher

          What good would your smoke detector be if you don’t have a fire extinguisher to put out the fire? Your detectors and fire extinguisher come hand-in-hand so when a fire starts and the detectors go off, you can easily put off the fire with your extinguisher before it spreads and erupts into something bigger and more uncontrollable.

           We believe that the best areas to place your fire extinguishers are on every level of your house, including the kitchen and garage as these are the most common places where you use fire and gas. Depending on the size and where you buy them, they can start at $50, but they’re worth every penny. If you already own one or many, just check to make sure the fluid inside is still good - it would stink to get caught in a fire with an extinguisher that doesn’t work. 

          1.     Home Generator Set

          electric generator

            Depending on where in the world you live, the risk of power outages can be there; especially when storms hit and damage the electrical lines providing power. That’s why it would be wise of you to get a home generator set that’s sufficient to run your home’s electricity to get you through an outage, especially if you need to store your medicine in the fridge or you need to charge your phone so you can contact others for help.

            When purchasing a home generator, make sure to consider all safety concerns involved and apply all necessary precautions to avoid CO poisoning or fire. There are many types of generators out there and can run anywhere from $500+ depending on how much power you want to generate. If you’re on a budget, get the cheapest generator and only plug in your necessities.

            1.     Door Locks

            biometric door

              Most homeowners are not the first ones to call their house a home, and the safest way to ensure that the previous owners won’t have access to your home is to switch the current door locks for new ones. You can trade the old knobs and locks with another standard lock and you may add a deadbolt, as they are generally more difficult to pick.


              If you are tech-savvy, then smart locks are for you. Smart locks are more efficient and less time-consuming to use since you don’t need keys to access them. This type of locks allow you to scan your biometrics or enter the PIN code; hence, you neither have to worry about the previous owner barging into your home nor deal with the hassle of carrying mechanical keys.

              1.     Outdoor and Indoor Lights

              big house

                One of the best ways to stop intruders from entering your home is by keeping your entire house well-lit. If intruders see that your house has enough lights both outside and inside, they will be hesitant to break in because they know that the chances of getting caught is high. With a fully- and well-lit house, you can see anybody on your property, making you less susceptible to intruders and trespassers.

                The best places to put your security lights are in the entrances, doorways, garage, storage sheds, back and front yards, garden, walkways, and by your gate - if you have one. If you want to prevent bright lights from bothering you and your neighbors, you can opt for motion sensor lights.

                Final Thoughts

                We can be too focused on the idea of protecting the people inside our homes that we tend to forget to secure our valuables. Hence, make the security of your valuables a top priority by storing them in a safe that provides security unlike any other, and we only trust the trailblazer in the industry of futuristic, biometric safeThe Space Safe.


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