Top 9 Things to Know About a Smart Safe

Top 9 Things to Know About a Smart Safe


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For centuries, people have been searching for a secure way to keep money, valuables, and important documents out of the hands of thieves. The first evidence of a lockable device traced back to the 13th century in the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II. Since then, technology has advanced significantly to create what we know today as a modern safe. Many people invest in a safe to keep cash, jewelry, family heirlooms, and sensitive documentation like passports locked away for personal access. Today, the most innovative and secure option for storing these items is a biometric safe, and the most advanced types are called smart safes.


What is a Smart Safe?

A smart safe uses advanced technology to secure private access like never before. While there are many different types of safes, the best ones use biometric fingerprint authentication to ensure that only the owner can access its contents via their biometrics. The smart safe takes it one step further by having Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity and other features that allow for better control and security via notifications and a mobile app. 


9 Amazing Things You Need to Know About Smart Safes

The best smart safe out there is The Space Safe. A fingerprint safe like The Space Safe is a futuristic way to store your valuables. Here are nine amazing things you should know about this biometric safe.

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

The safe's ability to securely connect to the internet allows you to take advantage of many features, such as remote notifications, controlled access, and software updates, which no other safe to date offers. When you connect your safe to Wi-Fi, you'll be able to keep track of your valuables from anywhere in the world. Plus, The Space Safe is built with 256-bit encryption, making it virtually impossible to hack. However, it is still usable without an internet connection, although you will not have access to some of the most exciting features.

2. Advanced Biometrics for the Utmost Security

Traditional safes use padlocks or keypads, making them easily accessible if someone guesses the correct combination. A fingerprint safe uses the most advanced biometric technology, ensuring that only authorized users can open it. With 508 dpi and a 192 x 192-pixel sensor, The Space Safe is on par with FBI-compliant systems, which require a minimum of 500 dpi. 

3. Tamper Sensors With Remote Notifications

Accelerometers built into some smart safes can detect any tampering. The Space Safe is equipped with sensitive tamper sensors that recognize gravitational pulls, shocks, drops, vibrations, tilts, and shakes. When tampering occurs, you will be notified immediately via The Space App, SMS notification, or both. Your home safe security has never been better with such an incredible feature.

4. App Connectivity for Better Control

There seems to be an app for everything these days… and now, there's an app that connects you directly to your biometric safe! The Space App gives you ultimate control over your valuables from anywhere in the world. Adjust user access, change exterior lights, and view a complete activity log that shows each time the safe is opened and by whom, and current temperature and humidity levels. The app also provides innovative home safe security features such as live camera streaming, remote lockdown and alarm, motion sensing, two-way talk, and the ability to alert 911. Since this is the only safe out there with these features, it makes The Space Safe the best smart safe.

5. Built With Quality HD Cameras

The Space Safe features two integrated HD cameras – one on the inside and one on the outside. View the live camera feed from the app so you can see exactly who is trying to break into your safe and if they gain access, see what they steal. 

6. Sleek Appearance and Perfect Size

Some safes can be an eyesore – bulky, outdated, oversized, and noticeable. With The Space Safe, your new smart safe is sleek, beautiful, and perfectly sized to store all of your sensitive items. The discreet design will go unnoticed by the untrained eye – it simply looks like a modern, high-tech piece of equipment. Even in the event of a break-in, it is not likely that a burglar will notice your safe. With .87 cubic feet of interior storage, you can fit all your devices, documents, jewelry, and other valuables with room to spare.

7. Multiple User Entry

Enter biometric safe information for up to four people, with five fingerprints per user. Administrators can easily adjust user access in The Space App or directly on the safe itself. If you're away from home and need to give someone temporary access, send a temporary pin code from the app which is valid for just five minutes, ensuring the continued security of your belongings.

8. Remote Lockdown

Your safe can go into lockdown mode in one of three ways:

  • Someone enters an incorrect pin three times
  • The accelerometers detect tampering 
  • You initiate lockdown remotely

In lockdown mode, the interface becomes inaccessible and will display an alarming message. Disengage lockdown from the app or with one of the three override emergency keys provided with your purchase.

9. Convenient Temporary Access

Are you going out of town and want someone to have temporary access to your belongings? Or do you host an Airbnb and want to provide guests with a secure place to store their items? With Airbnb mode, your guest or housesitter can create a temporary user profile with their own pin code to access the safe's contents. The owner can switch the safe back to normal mode at any time from the safe. If you're using your safe in an Airbnb, guests can set their check-in and check-out dates to be approved by the owner. Once they have checked out, they will no longer be able to access the safe, and while checked in, owners will not have access to the safe.


A Smart Safe You Can Trust

The Space Safe is a futuristic option for people that want a safe with incredible security features and convenient control. A fingerprint safe is the best place to store your documents, heirlooms, and valuables. You don't have to spend a fortune on a bulky, outdated safe – your new biometric safe is affordable, incredibly innovative, and very secure. Order your Space Safe today to ensure a safe space.


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