Top Secret Places to Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight

Top Secret Places to Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight

bookshelf for hiding valuables


According to the artist Cennino Cennini, “Mystery is the art of eliciting unseen things hidden in the shadow of natural ones… and serving to demonstrate as real the things that are not.”

It may sound like a deep, thought-provoking quote that’s too philosophical, but don’t let that catch you off guard. Yes, it’s philosophical, but it’s something we could apply practically as we deal with our daily hustle and bustle in life. While we recommend everyone to have a safe to store their valuables,  we are often too busy with work and other routines that we forget to secure and safekeep our valuables. Hence, it would be beneficial for us to learn how to hide our valuables in plain sight as it would be a very convenient way to protect them.. And, as we quote Cennini, demonstrate them as the things they are not. 

Every now and then, different places in America and all over the world experience crime waves. In fact, according to some US statistics, home burglaries happen once every 26 seconds,. and that’s a lot of burglaries a day! So, to help keep your valuables safe in a quick and subtle manner, we are listing down the top places to hide your valuables in plain sight. 

If you want to learn more on how to perfectly hide your valuables in plain sight, continue reading this article and take down notes. 

Why Hide Your Valuables In Plain Sight?

When thieves break into a house, they grab whatever valuable that they can see in as little time as possible. They usually don’t have enough time to search and ransack an entire home, so instead they just take whatever valuable that they can recognize at first glance. For that reason, storing your valuables in a place that wouldn’t be thought of by a burglar can save us from getting them stolen. A good option can be anything from hollowed out products to store things or in safes. 

Hiding your valuables in plain sight might be an odd choice for home security, but it does the job really well. Read on and we’ll give you 8 suggestions on where we think you should hide some valuables. 

What are The Top Sneaky Places To Hide Your Valuables?

While concealing your valuables in plain sight may not be the grandest form of home security, it can get the job done. However, we still recommend owning a safe, it’s the smartest and safest way to conceal your valuables in plain sight. Hiding your valuables in random places in your home isn’t always ideal because you might forget where you actually hid an item. To help you out, we have curated the top eight places to hide your valuables in plain sight. 

1. Invisible Biometric Safe

The Space Safe


We all know that if you want to really keep your valuables secure and safe, the best place to store them is in a biometric safe, and the biggest problem with safes is when you see a safe box you instantly know it’s a safe. Therefore, burglars will walk over to one and do the worst.


The good news is, there’s a smart biometric safe called The Space Safe, and it works wonders in securing your valuables and is basically invisible which solves the traditional safe problem. 

Why Invest In The Space Safe? 

This article is all about the top sneaky places to hide your valuable, and The Space Safe can look like a decoy. Hence, it’s inclusion in this list. The Space Safe can be a great home-security investment because, aside from the fact that it doesn’t look like a safe box, it boasts of excellent features that no other safe has. It’s the only safe with an enormous LCD screen on the front, and it doesn’t have a typical squared safe shape. It also doesn’t contain a knob or digital keypad resemblant of a traditional safe, so it doesn’t entice burglars into thinking they hit the jackpot in finding an actual safe. 

Faux Screens

The Space Safe faux screen

To make the biometric safe camouflage further, The Space Safe has a faux screen feature. You can choose to display a lock screen to disguise your safe and hide it’s login screen. Pick from the weather, faux radio, faux printer, or upload a picture of your favorite family portrait. With the multitude of options, you can either set it to always display the screensaver or have it only appear when the display is touched. For those who want to take their chances and not use one of the faux screens, the unique hardware comes close to a tablet from afar than a safe. Of course, we recommend putting a faux screen because no one would steal a printer, but if a burglar thought it was a tablet, maybe they would want to steal it.

Smart Features

Best of all, this biometric safe doesn’t only have a faux screen feature, it also has other smart features that aren’t found on other safes. Multiple safes claim to be smart, even if they aren’t really that smart at all.  However, The Space Safe is genuinely smart because it has astounding features, such as the following:

  • 2 integrated HD cameras. One inside the safe, and one outside. 
  • Accurate fingerprint authentication.
  • Tamper sensors. The sensors go off and proceed to lockdown mode when tampered or being input with the wrong pin three times. 
  • WiFi and app connectivity. This means that you know what’s going on with your safe even when you’re far away, as long as you’re connected to the internet. 
  • Multiple user entry. The safe can have up to 4 users each with distinct pins. 
  • Temperature and humidity sensors that can inform you of the condition of your safe with regards to temperature. 


Therefore, the sneakiest and most secure way to hide your valuables is to place them inside The Space Safe. It is truly the best home biometric safe


If, for some reasons, using a smart safe is not a part of your options, here are alternative methods of safely storing your valuables:

2. Books



We often see in movies, where characters hide their valuables in a hollowed-out book - truly a classic move. Although we all may have seen this type of storage box, no one ever imagines that someone actually has one of these hollowed out books. In the event a thief did manage to break into your home, imagine having a bookshelf of more than 50 books, and your valuables are deeply hidden in one of those books. Do you think a thief have enough time to search your books one-by-one? We highly doubt it and they wouldn’t risk spending their entire time checking books. The best part about the hollow books is that they are usually big enough to place a your cash, jewelry, or anything else in there. Just don’t forget to remember  which book is you did use as your hidden fortress.

3. Clocks With Hidden Compartments

Some clocks, particularly antiques, have a secret storage. This is a good safe alternative because it has a mechanism that allows you to open the back portion of the clock where you can store valuables that will fit. You can also tightly shut the clock to avoid mishandling when putting it back on its designated area. As an additional safety measure, you may place your clock somewhere high so that the thieves wouldn’t see it, let alone suspect it to store your valuables. 

4. Faux Electrical Sockets

Burglars who are in their right mind won’t even bother checking your electrical sockets. Your sockets are unsafe to tamper with and there are plenty of them around the house, and that’s what makes them a smart place to hide your valuable. It’s just that you don’t have to use your actual electrical socket, because again, it’s unsafe. However, some stores sell a faux electrical socket that functions as a tiny safe good for some rolled up cash or credit cards. You can screw the socket on your wall the same way that you would with a real one, and voila, a small safe for just a few key belongings! The best part about this is you can place as many as you want around the house and no one would ever think twice. 

5. Soda Cans

Your common favorite soda can be an uncommon place of storing your cash. These faux soda cans can be a substitute to your usual safe. It can be pretty small and the only valuables you can store here are a couple of dollar bills, coins, or small pieces of jewelry. However, it also gets the job done quite well. As a bonus trick, you can store them in the fridge. The only loophole to this is when the thief gets thirsty or hungry, and proceeds to ransack your fridge. 

6. Faux Rocks

outdoor rocks


If you have rocks outside your house, then a great place to hide a key outside would be in a faux rock. Like the hollowed out book, no one would expect a rock to be hollowed out and no one would linger there for a long time checking 300 different rocks. So, getting a fake rock key storage is a great idea. If you're the type to not want to leave an extra key lying around, sometimes using this method is useful if you do not want to carry your keys but still lock your house - and just use it as a one off. If you do decide the faux rock method is for you, just make sure to remember which rock is the fake one, and maybe placing it in a specific spot would be the most convenient. 

7. Picture Frames

picture frames


Picture frames are common to almost all homes, and you most probably have more than one picture frame. Aside from placing your pictures, put your frames to good use by placing your paper cash there too. Of course, I don’t mean placing them explicitly. Put your bills on frames that have photos and with a solid-colored back cover. For additional security, use the frames with thicker glass, so they’re not easily broken. 

8. Household Cleaning Bottles

household cleaning bottles


If you need more space to store some valuable around your house,  you can use large-sized household bottles such as bleach or Lysol wipes. Lysol wipes containers are easy to open and shut, and they have big enough space to place your valuables inside. With this, you’re hitting two birds in one stone–you have a cleaning wipes and an alternative small safe. 

Our Recommendation

While the mentioned alternative methods may work for you, we still highly recommend purchasing a smart and innovative biometric safe that can truly protect your valuables, and that’s none other than The Space Safe


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