Invest In A Smart Safe To Improve Your Home's Security

Invest In A Smart Safe To Improve Your Home's Security


Uplevel your home security with a smart safe

There is nothing more important than your safety, especially as a home-dweller with a family. Sure, finances, food, water, and well being are essential, but those things happen easier if safety is assured.

There are several ways to keep the people and things in your home safe and sound. At SPACE, we offer the best security products and tips on how to make you feel the most safe in your home.

When most people think of safes, they may imagine a rusted-out metal box that you could pry open with a crowbar. If this is your impression of a safe, you are in for a treat!

Did you know that there is a new type of safe on the market? One that keeps your valuables secure AND connects to your smartphone. It's called a smart safe, and it's one of the best ways to enhance safety in your home without sacrificing aesthetics or protection.

This article explains the premise of a smart safe and how it can help you achieve your home safety goals.


What is a smart safe?

Uplevel your home security with a smart safe

Essentially, a smart product is a device that is linked to the internet so it can make your life a tad bit easier. Some smart products are more advanced than others. The more advanced smart products can share information about the device, its environment, its users, and many other things.

The benefit of having a smart safe can secure items of value, such as cash, confidential documents, or even dangerous items such as guns or other weapons, while keeping the owner of the safe always informed.


If you are interested in finding out about smart safes, you will notice that once you begin to research smart safes, they are pretty basic in what they offer - only an activity log to see who has accessed your safe. Depending on what you want to spend and the types of features you are looking for, you may be able to get additional features here or there like multiple user access. 

This is why our favorite product is from SPACE. Unlike every other smart safe, The Space Safe has a tremendous amount of features making it the most secure and futuristic smart safe out there. They have cameras, notifications, touchscreen, tamper sensors, biometric, and so much more. When comparing the other smart safes to The Space Safe, it's like comparing a smart phone (The Space Safe) to a flip phone (other smart safes). The Space Safe is about the size of a standard kitchen microwave and is designed to look like one to. It's sleek and intuitive to use. It blends into darker backgrounds, making it less noticeable to thieves and children. Easily store your most precious possessions and keep them actually protected.

Perfect for your home or business, The Space Safe uses secure technology and advanced features, such as tamper sensors and high security mechanical lock that keep the safe and homeowner connected. It even has a modernized look and feel to match the aesthetics of your home.

Most smart safes on the market today use outdated technology and still look like a traditional safe.

Is a smart safe more secure?

Uplevel your home security with a smart safe


Like anything else in the world, there are some products that are more advanced than others. Most smart safes are basic and have limited security options. That is why we recommend looking at a better quality safe like The Space Safe which uses biometric technology to improve security quality. Some smart safes don't even have the option for PIN access, which means if someone gets access to your smart phone, they have access to your valuables. It is important to check the different types of features offered by the different smart safes to properly decide which is for you.

We highly recommend The Space Safe since it is the most secure and has the most features. It is the only smart safe that uses two-factor authentication. Receive notifications directly to your phone so you know if anyone is tampering with your safe. 

Smart safes are better than regular safes because they have the ability to keep you notified when someone tries to access your safe, but that may not be enough. Make sure to compare the quality of the safes metal, the lock, and the type of keypad they use for PIN access. This is another reason we love The Space Safe. They use an LCD touch screen display for PIN access, which is the most secure. 

Many of the available smart safes use cheap locks that can be easily tampered with, whereas, The Space Safe uses use an extremely secure mechanical lock - rated the 2nd highest tier in terms of security locks - something you do not see with safes at this price point.

Additionally, you will want to pay attention to the outer safe security features, such as the material the safe is made with. One well known brand makes a safe that uses plastic instead of metal!

The Space Safe is the most secure of all the safes on the market because it uses 9-gauge steel with a double wall. It also has tamper sensors that lock down your safe if tampered with and with let you know immediately that security has been breached. A thief or a child would have to go to a lot more trouble than finding a spare key or picking a lock to open The Space Safe, which is something no other smart safe has! 

Here are additional reasons why we love The Space Safe over any other safe. 

What makes The Space Safe the most unique smart safe on the market?

the space safe app cameras

With The Space Safe, you stay connected.

Not only can you connect to your safe from anywhere in the world through safe to smartphone connectivity, you actually have interior and exterior cameras to let you see what is going on around your safe at anytime. This is something no other safe has. It will send you alerts if there is any sign of tampering with the safe, if an incorrect PIN is entered and much more - all features no other smart safe has.


Best of all, The Space App does not allow anyone to unlock the safe remotely. With other smart safes, if someone gets ahold of your phone then they can access your safe. If you want to allow temporary access to your safe, the app requires double authentication which makes it impossible for anyone but you to access your safe. 

The Space Safe can hide in plain sight.

Most smart safes look like traditional safes - bulky and completely obvious that they are safes. The Space Safe is the only safe on the market to use a futuristic design that looks less of a safe and more like a tablet or iPad. A traditional safe is easy for thieves to spot whereas The Space Safe blends into the background and is less likely to be noticed.

The Space Safe has modernized access control.

The types of authentication with The Space Safe are the highest around. Choose whether you want to access your safe with

1) PIN or biometric

2) PIN and biometric,

3) or add an additional layer using PIN or Biometric and an authenticator which changes the code every few seconds, the choice is yours. 

The Space Safe incorporates a touch LCD screen, making it easy to input your secret PIN or use your fingerprint for added security.  

The Space Safe is temperature-controlled.

Creating a safe internal environment for your belongings is essential for the longevity of the contents of the safe. Traditional safes and other smart safes do not have the ability to do this, however, The Space Safe is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to ensure best environment for more fragile or sensitive items like documents, weapons, or jewelry.


Now you hold a secret to modernized home security. A smart safe is an excellent investment (that costs only hundreds of dollars) to improve your home's safety capacity so you and your family can feel secure that your valuables are protected. Enhance your home's safety and be one of the first to own a home smart safe. We highly recommend investing in a great smart safe like The Space Safe to keep your valuables secure!



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