Vaultek Safe vs. The Space Safe - Stay Safe, Not Sorry

Vaultek Safe vs. The Space Safe - Stay Safe, Not Sorry


A great smart safe is a biometric safe perfect solution if you are looking for a secure way to store valuables, documents, and electronics. Some smart safes use biometrics and other advanced security features to protect your belongings much more effectively than traditional safes. However, not all safes are created equally. Let’s compare Vaultek safes to the innovative Space Safe and see which one is better for your home safe security needs.

Vaultek MXI safe

Features of Vaultek Safes

Vaultek offers a few different series of safes in varying sizes and capabilities, with so many little options, it’s impossible to decide on which Vaultek safe you would need or want. Their options range from their largest; the RS800i, a biometric smart rifle safe, to smaller options, such as their MX series, Slider series, and VT series, with a beautiful product line. Let’s explore the features of this fingerprint safe brand and see how it compares to The Space Safe.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth App Connectivity

While some of Vaultek safes are compatible with one of the downloadable apps when connected to the internet, not all of them are - so be careful when selecting. Each safe and its corresponding app have specific features and capabilities, such as remote notifications, a history log, interior light and sound, and humidity and temperature adjustments.

While these are all great features to have with your biometric safe, capabilities may vary depending on the selected model and we found the app is not very visually appealing.

Multiple Entry Methods

The Vaultek MX series has multiple options for entry methods, including biometrics, a backlit keypad, and keys. These options give users different ways to open their safe, although this is a common and convenient feature for a biometric safe. While having multiple entry options is good, we found issues with all of them. 

  1. Depending on the model you choose, PIN codes digits are either limited to 5 or 8 digits, which limits your security. Worse yet, the keypad at times does not work.
  2. The biometric sensor is nice and large, but the biometrics does not always work, and enrollment is a horrific process.
  3. While we haven’t had any issues with the key, we did read the RS500i had issues where the key wouldn’t unlock the safe. We did find that the mechanical lock is not as secure as The Space Safe.

Customizable for Gun Owners

Gun to hide in safes

Vaultek safes are primarily marketed toward gun owners, with various modules sold separately to hold pistols, magazines, and other related supplies - which they do a great job with. If you are looking for something more secure and versatile to store documents and valuable possessions, Vaultek may not be suitable for you and we recommend you read on.

The Space Safe

Features of The Space Safe

The Space Safe uses the latest technology bringing you every possible feature you could ask for and providing you with maximum home safe security. Let’s explore what makes The Space Safe the best option for protecting your privacy.

Connect to Wi-Fi and Use the Ingenious Space App

Like Vaultek, The Space Safe connects to the internet to bring the utmost security to your fingertips. However, there’s so much more features and options from the Space App, allowing you to have a constant connection to your safe for ultimate peace of mind. Here are some features The Space Safe offers that Vaultek does not have:

  • Engage and disable remote lockdown and notify 911 from the app
  • View live camera feed
  • Multiple user profiles
  • One time guest access to your safe contents
  • View an activity log that includes each time your space has been opened and by whom
  • Adjust exterior lighting
  • Engage in two-way talk

Both companies offer these features with their app:

  • View temperature and humidity conditions
  • Receive remote notifications regarding incorrect pin entry and tamper sensing

Cameras so you’re always there

The Space Safe is the only safe in the market to offer a camera in their safe. They didn’t only stop at one inside, but also put one on the outside of their safe as well. That way you can always keep an eye on what’s going on.

FBI-Level Biometrics

The biometrics incorporated into The Space Safe is on par with FBI-compliant systems at 508 dots per inch (DPI). The uniquely large, 360-degree scanning surface allows for a quick and secure unlock. With the LCD screen, setup is extremely easy and enrollment is intuitive allowing you to see which fingerprints are enrolled and you can easily delete a fingerprint if you change your mind - something no other safe has. The Space Safe can hold the biometrics for up to four users per safe, with five fingerprints each. While both safes offer 20 fingerprints, SPACE’s fingerprints are user specific while Vaultek’s fingerprints are general and cannot be individually deleted - making deleting users very difficult and complicated. Best of all, you can unlock The Space Safe with any angle and does not need to be perfectly placed on your sensor like Vaultek. No other brand can match the advanced system used on SPACE’s biometric safe.

Modern, Inconspicuous Design

Developed having every last detail of with security in mind, The Space Safe is the only safe to have a sleek, modern design without looking like a safe. To the casual passerby, the fingerprint safe looks like a tablet, digital picture frame, or a printer, because of the LCD display - making it unlikely that an intruder will even investigate it in the first place. Unlike other safes that do not offer LCD touchscreens, The Space Safe only lights up when touched, keeping your safe dark and discreet.

Multiple Profiles

The Space Safe is the only safe to have intuitive multiple user profiles for up to 4 different users. With the LCD display instantly see which profiles are part of your safe and easily add or delete new ones. Other safes make you push 17 different buttons to remove a pin or fingerprint and you have no idea if you actually deleted anything.

Accelerometers With Automatic Lockdown

Tamper sensors on The Space Safe use accelerometers to detect any gravitational force put on your safe, including tilts, shocks, drops, and rocks. If anything triggers the tamper sensors, your smart safe will go into Lockdown Mode, and you will immediately be notified via The Space App. In Lockdown Mode, the screen on your safe will be disabled and display an alarming message, scaring the intruder. Lockdown mode can be both enabled and disengaged from your app.

Backup Entry Methods and Battery

In addition to the advanced biometrics incorporated into The Space Safe, the interior can be accessed with a key code or one of three backup keys provided with your purchase. In case of a power outage, we know you may still need access to your belongings. The fingerprint safe is outfitted with a hidden backup battery, allowing you to use biometrics or the keypad to get into your safe. If the outage lasts for an extended period, you can use a backup key to open your safe or easily connect an external battery to give your safe a little juice. SPACE collaborated with a well-known security company to equip The Space Safe with an advanced, nearly impenetrable locking system, making it virtually impossible for someone to breakin. When it comes to your privacy and security, cutting corners for SPACE is not an option.

A Secure Connection

You may worry that connecting your biometric safe to Wi-Fi allows hackers to invade your privacy. Well The Space Safe offers 256-bit encryption, making it very unlikely to be hacked. If you’re still concerned about this, the safe can be used without wi-fi connectivity, although this will not allow you to use the many ingenious security features. Vaultek makes you pay almost $100 more for WiFi while SPACE includes it free!

Perfect Size

With 0.87 cubic feet of space, The Space Safe is the perfect size to fit all of your documents, fine jewelry, medications, and handguns and comes with 2 interior USB charge ports if you want to store your electronics, something Vaultek does not offer. With thicker metal around the entire safe compared to Vaultek’s MXi and smaller safes, The Space Safe will be more challenging for a burglar to break into, and makes it heavier and more unlikely that someone will be able to carry it out of your home. Mounting anchors are included with your purchase if you wish to secure your safe further.

Stay Safe, Not Sorry

Although Vaultek safes have some interesting features, The Space Safe is a more advanced and innovative safe; being intuitive and easy to use, and the most versatile safe on the market. With cameras, advanced biometric technology, more secure, and thoughtful design, something Vaultek doesn’t have, The Space Safe meets all your security needs to protect your privacy and the safety of your valuables. Order The Space Safe today.