Why and How You Should Prepare for a Burglary

Why and How You Should Prepare for a Burglary


While we never want to think about our home safety and privacy being violated, the truth is that burglaries and break-ins occur daily. In fact, almost 7,000 of them according to the DOJ. (That’s 1 break-in every 26 seconds!). That's why it's important to make sure your in a safe space and feel comfortable. 

Luckily, current technology and access to emergency services mean it’s easier to be proactive about safety rather than relying on 911, filling out a police report, and taking forever to settle an insurance claim for cash or belongings that might be priceless or irreplaceable. 

If it’s your first apartment on your own, or your forever family home, there are multiple savvy and efficient ways to ensure your items are protected by the latest in home security, and here are some we recommend:

1. A Smart Safe

Simultaneously the most powerful and compact way to protect your most valuable belongings is a smart or biometric safe. The Space Safe is a great example of a luxury smart safe that’s jam-packed with top-of-the line features: interior and exterior cameras, biometric access, app integration, climate controls, charging ports, and construction built to withstand several tons of force. 

The safety features are complemented by a stunning display that conceals the actual biometric safe, allowing for placement anywhere in your home. (Especially useful for more quaint spaces!) 

In a culture where our phones are an extension of our arms, constant vigilance is central to our safety and security. Being notified the second an intruder tries to access your items means being able to not only catch them in the act, but report them in a timely enough fashion where the crime can be stopped before it even really happens. If a smart safe is out of your budget, a traditional home safe without any notifications is still recommended; even if it's a small money safe.


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2. A Home Security System

Yes, we have heard the endless ads from the big security companies about bundles and bundling and packages with home security and car insurance and cable and internet. And it’s a bit dizzying. But on the other side, there are now so many options for home security systems like SimpliSafe, Kangaroo, Geeni, that also monitor fires and water damage and still keep you and your family safe at what seems like a fraction of the cost.

You can opt for traditional home security, i.e sensors on the windows and a keypad that you can arm or disarm remotely, or you can set up a more newfangled video doorbell camera that captures every time there is motion detected, and choose how long you want to keep the footage. (You can also hire a burly, 6’8” private security guard with a questionable permanent record, but we don’t want to tell you how to spend your money...)

Feeling safe at home is a luxury and a privilege, but that doesn’t mean it’s unattainable or out of reach. Small and impactful investments in your home’s security system and item protection mean a preemptive approach to possible break-ins, and a general sense of breathing more easily about your setup. The possibility of stopping or even completely preventing a burglary in real time lies in the technology available for everyday consumers to purchase. With a smart safe, secure monitoring system, and vigilance, you ensure your own protection. 



3. A Keypad Door Lock

It is far too easy to lose a set of keys, and far too easy to duplicate an existing set as it is.

(Do you ever notice when you're holding all your groceries, your key ring always ends up inconveniently being in the hand that's holding the most bags?)

With a keypad door lock, remembering a set of numbers and assigning combinations to family members to give entry access ensures safety, security, and peace of mind. The key that slipped out of the side of a purse is no more-- it's just your numbers punched in. Holding those grocery bags means you're basically "hands-free" when it comes time to get inside the house.  




Get your Space Safe now at www.TheSpaceSafe.com for $599.

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— Lizz Evalen