February 2024 Update Page

OTA Integration Update:

Before we delve into the details, we want to briefly explain how the OTA process works. When your safe is connected to the internet, our OTA servers periodically check to see if there's a newer version of the safe software available. If an update is detected, you'll receive a notification on your safe, prompting you to download and install the latest software version. This ensures that your safe stays up-to-date with the latest features, enhancements, and security fixes.


The OTA process involves a two-step process:


Step 1 – Currently, the update requires manual intervention, where the developer downloads the firmware from the OTA server and then manually installs the update. As noted previously, we were encountering challenges where the software download was successful, but sometimes installation resulted in instances where the safe entered recovery mode, rendering the safe unusable.
We're thrilled to announce that after extensive collaboration with our teams, we've achieved a significant milestone. We're delighted to inform you that we have now achieved a 100% success rate with Step 1. Through rigorous testing and refinement, we've effectively addressed the installation issues and validated the process thoroughly.
This means that we can confidently proceed with Step 2 of the OTA update process, knowing that the installation will be smooth and reliable.




Step 2 – Now that the developers have successfully implemented the update process in step 1, their next focus is to enable users like you to update your safe as well - a functionality that was not previously enabled. Our developers will work on this implementation upon their return from the Chinese New Year break. Here is what they plan to do when they return:

(1) Automatic Installation: Implementation that allows new software updates to be automatically installed on your safe once they're available on the OTA server. This will streamline the update process and ensure that your safe remains up-to-date.
(2) App Integration: Enabling users to update their safe directly through the safe's interface, providing you with the ability to download and install OTA updates. Please note that this feature is not currently enabled, but our developers will work to implement it upon their return.


Estimation for completing step 2 is approximately three weeks following the return of our developers from the Chinese New Year break.



WhatsApp Solution and Issue:

We're thrilled with the overall solution WhatsApp offers compared to SMS. Almost every recipient is now receiving messages, a significant improvement from before. However, a few users have raised concerns about phone number verification, as they prefer not to use any Meta apps.


Our Solution:

Later in 2024, or when most of our new features are completed, we plan to implement an alternative registration method without phone number verification. Users will have the option to register using their email address only. While we don't recommend this for new users due to security considerations, we want to ensure ease of use for everyone.


Implementation Timeline:

Internal discussions have concluded that this implementation will take approximately 4 weeks to develop. The process will involve adding an email address without requiring a phone number during signup. Additionally, users who signed up with an email address in the past can bypass phone number verification.



We know everyone has been waiting and we apologize for the delays we’ve encountered. While some may not understand the importance of the OTA, without it, we would not be able to fix your safe if we found a bug or had an issue. We appreciate your patience as we work to enhance the update process.



  • OTA process has 2 steps. We completed step 1. Step 2 will require 3 more weeks after Chinese New Year ends. 
  • We are happy with WhatsApp and we plan to release an alternate sign up method for users who don't want to use Meta.

Thanks for your support!