Hinge issue

If you received a trial production unit, then you know that the hinges on the safe do not do a great job holding the door steady and the door sags as you open the door.


The three issues here are that:

(A) if you are opening the door and the door will swing over a table, it may scratch your table.

(B) To close your door, you need to push the door in hard or slightly lift up the door to align the door and close it.

(C) Because of the hinge design, the door also may tilt forward if you open the door. and the USB-C in the back is no longer working because it has become broken, you can remove the USB-C PCB in the back, feed your USB-C cable into the safe's wall, then use a USB-C adapter to connect it to the other USB-C cable that connects to the main PCBA board.


This is what it would look like if you had to do that:


Pushing door in hard and exaggerated (we have a 50 pounds safe sitting on top of this safe. Therefore we need to put more pressure on the door):


Here is a video to show you how much the hinge sags: 


Thanks for your support!