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The Space Safe is at the forefront of advanced security for homes, offices, Airbnbs, or hotels. This cutting-edge smart safe seamlessly connects to your phone, providing real-time updates on your valuables globally. Tamper sensors, coupled with interior and exterior cameras, empower you to monitor and identify any access attempts. Boasting nearly a dozen sensors, this fully customizable safe excels in both aesthetics and security, making it a first of its kind.
In the event of WiFi or a loss of power, immediate notifications and a backup battery ensure uninterrupted security. Being the only safe equipped with a touchscreen LCD display, users can easily interact with a multitude of settings and features. Explore a new dimension of security and convenience with multiple user profiles and all of our innovative features, including over-the-air updates, and the unmatched security for your valuables. See below to learn more.


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