Speaker Issue

If you received a trial production unit, then you have a speaker issue. 


(1) We know that if the speaker is set to 100% volume the sound gets muffled for a second here or there.

(2) We also found that once the speaker goes above 80% volume, it begins to use the battery rather than the wall outlet. Even though the safe says its connected to power and is charging - it is wrong. 


What exactly does this mean to you?

This means that as the speaker is on and draining the battery, it would eventually leave the safe without battery and it crash this system. As a bandaid fix, we have left the "door left open" sound to 50% volume and hope that this resolves the issue if the door was left open and the safe dies.

We have not yet seen what would happen if the lockdown alarm was on at 100% and the safe dies. We will test that and if there is no solution, then we will whitelist these devices to sound the alarm at 70% volume if the battery is less than 50%.


Why is it so important to state all of this to you?

If the battery does get drained, then the safe will turn off. If you are in a situation that the battery dies and the battery is still being used instead of the wall adapter, then the safe will not be getting enough power to keep the battery on and sound the alarm. If that happens, your safe will go into a state it will not be able to wake up from. Please keep in mind that we can always do bandaid fixes with OTA.




Here is the lockdown happening at 100% volume:


Here is a video of the door left open: 


Thanks for your support!