Updates and Answers

Last updated: 3/3/2022 (Current Status)

As our development finishes and gets closer to shipping, you will receive updates accordingly to keep you all in the loop. We are super excited, and we know you will all love the safe and its features.


Current status (Last updated: 3/3/2022)

Mechanical Key – As discussed over the last few months, we have been working with a lock picker to test and approve our lock. We have been asked to improve our lock, so at the moment we are waiting on samples from the higher grade locks, which should come over the next 2 weeks. Once we choose a lock, we will then go back and finalize with the lock company to supply us. Although it seems simple, there are many layers to finalizing the lock and receiving the custom lock inventory. We will try our best to get things finalized ASAP so the shipping date we anticipated does not change. The community has grown a great amount and we want to provide everyone with a great product in their hands right away. Our expected shipping will still be Summer 2022.


Shipping addresses:

When we are ready to ship (in a few months), each of you will receive an email requesting you to confirm your shipping address. We know people do move from locations, which is why we will do this at the last possible moment to avoid any issues, because once we ship, it is out of our control. - We will keep you updated.



International outlet

Half of our customers are from Europe. Prior to shipping, we will ask you which plug you will require so we can best accommodate your country and outlet.


International shipping costs

Although it’s very time consuming for us, we do want shipping to cost as little as possible for our supporters. We plan to ship a large number of units to Europe and Australia to minimize your shipping costs. We will know closer to shipping what they will be, however, it would be substantially less than shipping from our warehouse in the US.


Bolted and secured:

We have gotten an enormous amount of questions asking if it can be bolted down. Yes, the safe can be bolted in the back and on the bottom. You can choose.


Access to the safe

You can access the safe with fingerprint (activation is optional), PIN code, or mechanical key. You cannot open the safe from the App for security reasons, and Space will not have access to open your safe if you get locked out.



The sensors we have are tilt/vibration sensors, and they will be customizable. Perhaps you live in an area that frequents earthquakes so sensitivity needs to be set lower, you can do that. Humidity and temperature sensors also can be adjusted as per your liking.



You will receive notifications if someone: 1) tampers with the unit. 2) If the WiFi goes out. 3) If the battery is activated. 4) If someone enters an incorrect pin number. 5) If temperature and humidity limits are reached. 6) If someone adds temporary access to a safe. 7) If there is a new user who is signed up for the safe. 8) When someone opens the safe. 9) And more.


Interior USB ports

These are only made to pass current, not data. The interior charging will have 2 ports - 1 traditional USB port and 1 USB-C port.


Power cable

You will receive 2 charging pieces to charge your device. 1) a 12 foot long USB-C cable that plugs into the safe and into a power adapter. If you need larger or shorter cable, you are welcome to buy one. 2) a charger adapter similar to a cellphone charger, which you can also change if you want a different color.


This means if you do not have an outlet in your closet, you can purchase a 30 foot cable just to be able to accommodate that. We have also designed the back of the safe to still stay flush to a wall if you have a cable connected to the back.


Exterior lights

Everything for the exterior lights are customizable. The app allows you to adjust the color of the lights, change the brightness, allow the lights to always stay on, or let you always keep them off. It’s your safe, you can customize it the way you want.


Shelf and accessories

We will be selling a removable collapsible shelf for the safe. This will be released closer to shipping. It will be a very cool shelf that can be removed and collapsible. The shelf will also be clear so the camera can still see what’s under the shelf.


Other accessories will also come out closer to shipping date. So, please stay tuned and you will be asked if you want any of them.


Geofencing (Location based - find my safe) (Last updated: 7/13/2021)

We have been thinking a lot about adding Geofencing, and it would be best and most beneficial if people bought Apple Airtags and stuck them to their safe.


The reason we have decided to go this route (for now), is for four reasons.

1) To truly have a good location based product without having a SIM card, you would need to be part of an enormous network. By using an Apple Airtag, you would be able to tap into all the millions of phones around the world instead of just using the small network of only a few thousand safes that have been sold (today). In the future, we do plan on having a location based network.

2) In addition the the above, we like the idea of having a separate app for finding your safe. It adds another layer of protection for you. Meaning, if someone wanted to find your safe, since it's part of a different app, they would never even imagine to look in Find My by Apple for your safe.

3) The technology in the Apple Airtags are the most advanced. We want to focus on what we're great at, and today that's not geofencing.  

4) The battery life of the Airtags is much longer than the backup battery. 

We would love to partner with Apple and offer this to all our customers, if you know anyone that could help us, we would love it if you could put us in touch with someone at Apple. 



The safe does have a siren and will go into lockdown mode if someone tampers with it.


Allow different screens

Yes, we plan to have pictures, a faux radio, and a faux printer, faux alarm clock, weather channel. We are not sure yet when all of these options will be released, but we definitely plan to have the faux radio and faux printer prior to shipping. We are always open to suggestions of other faux screens.


Regarding other looks for screens in general, avatars and other screen options are something that will come in 2022.


Backup Key

Yes, there is a backup hidden keyhole in case power dies or you just prefer to use a backup key. We will try to make it as inconspicuous as possible. Even if it means we ship the safe with an optional push in rivet cover. This backup key will be secure. We are in the middle of sourcing and testing the mechanical lock and when we are ready, we plan to send to LPL for him to ensure we are safe. Don’t forget, it is in our best interest to offer a strong and secure product.


Backup Battery life

We are shooting for at least 24 hours, and hopefully more after that. Please don’t forget, the safe uses a large amount of energy for the screen, WiFi, and other features, and the backup battery is really made to be used only in emergency use. We plan to maximize the battery life as best as possible and we will limit the amount of charging of to the battery to extend battery life up to 10 years. Our plans are to not have the battery charged to 100%, and charge up the battery once it begins to discharge to a low battery life to extend longevity.


We will try to also have weather predictions connected to the battery life. Meaning, as we see rain storms plan to come to your zip code, we will activate the battery to charge just in case your power does go out. In the event power goes out and backup battery is activated, you will be notified.


The battery will not be replaceable. If the battery dies, you can still open the safe with the key.


Add a fingerprint reader for quicker access

We already have one.


Inventory feature

We have received many questions about having an inventory feature. We will look into this and offer it to our users. We are not sure when this will be released.



Unfortunately, we had to choose between fireproofing or predrilled holes, and we decided to choose security and predrilled holes. We plan on selling a fireproof container for those who are worried. We also have the temperature sensors so you are proactive rather than reactive.


Smashed display

We received a few questions - what happens if someone smashes a display? There is the same amount of metal behind the display as there is around the sides of the safe, so your valuables are still protected. If someone breaks the display and you need a new display we will work on offering replacement doors.


Tempered glass front

If after testing we find the tempered glass needs to be thicker and improved, we will do so. Obviously we don’t want someone using a hammer and it instantly cracking.


Bigger screen:

We received a request to make a larger screen. Unfortunately, anything screen over a 7” is extremely expensive and although we would love to put an even bigger screen, we wouldn’t want to increase the cost of the safe.


Different sizes

Yes, we plan on having different sizes, but not before 2022, and have not yet designed any of those. We are open to size suggestions and once we receive these and are ready to create our next size, will create those based on surveys.


Hidden interior compartment

Someone asked if we can put in a hidden interior compartment. We love this idea. Most likely this model wont have it because it would require a complete redesign or else it would cover the camera. We have ideas and will try to come up with an additional accessory for this prior to shipping.  


Siri, Alexa, Google

We have been asked by several people if we can add option of connecting to these services, however, the reason we aren’t is because we want to maximize security and limit connections to the safe to make it as secure as possible. Hope you understand.


Color options

We plan on having white safe in addition to the standard dark color. We won’t know when it will be available, but if it is available prior to shipping, we will give you the option to select. If you are interested in waiting for the white units instead, we will give you that option, but we aren’t sure how that will effect shipping charges. 



Subscription is NOT required to use the safe and its features. The subscription will only be to store the video feed on the cloud and we will only know that cost as we get closer to shipping or after shipping.


SD card for storage

We are looking into this. The odds are it won’t be available on this safe, but we will let you know if we can add that for those who wouldn’t want subscription based.


Different Languages

At the moment it will only be in English. As the company grows we will be able to offer other language options for the safe.



This is an expensive product, and we understand that. We want everyone to know that the cost to manufacture a product like this is very expensive as well. Having said all of that, we do plan to blow your expectations away with our safe, and we hope you will love it as much as us.


Once we finish testing for breaking and destroying our safes, we will share them.


What if you go out of business?

We do not foresee us going anywhere! We love our product, have many additional products we plan to release, and so far we have seen lots of success for us. However, if you are afraid, rest assured, we have been poached by many investors looking to invest in the future of Space, and if we need to go that route to ensure success and ensure the future of the app. We will do so.



At this point we will no longer be taking any cancellations. Hope you understand and we thank you for your support.