Why Biometrics Is Your Best Password Protection

Why Biometrics Is Your Best Password Protection


Everyone always says - you should set a unique password for every website you visit. But that might not be enough because hackers can crack an eight-character password in about eight hours.

Passwords were once a powerful security bulwark on their own, but unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Many services and devices now require or recommend additional security methods to secure your password. Perhaps the best among these is biometrics for authentication.

Biometrics uses special sensors or images to establish distinctive identifiers which are unique to you and no one else to grant authentication to users. They just so happen to be an excellent way to access a biometric safe. With a fingerprint safe, you can either gain access with a password or a fingerprint to open your safe. The Space Safe is one of the few safes out there that can require you to use both methods and not just one for that extra security.

Keep reading to see why biometrics can be the best password protection replacement.

What Are Biometrics, and How Do They Work?

A biometric is any unique physical identifier that allows you to gain access to your safe if special sensors or cameras are present. Biometrics include fingerprints, vein scans, retinal scans, and face unlock features. For the purposes of this article, we will only be discussing fingerprint biometrics using fingerprint scanners.

Since biometrics are unique, the sensor can memorize your fingerprint when enrolling, and you can unlock the safe by scanning those authorized fingerprints only when the scanner correctly sees them. While old movies depicted them as high-tech, biometric security options are now commonplace with different levels of sensors and security.

If you have a smartphone, your device will likely have built-in the option of either unlocking your device with a fingerprint or with face recognition. This is biometrics at work. Some, but not all smart safes use similar biometric fingerprint technology to perform the unlocking of your safe. When searching for a safe, make sure your safe has a fingerprint sensor and that it's a good one. Our favorite so far has been The Space Safe.

The Problem With Using Only Passwords

Let's be clear from the outset: passwords and PINs are here to stay. Even the best biometric safe requires a password as one of its security methods. Passwords can be very effective when doubled up with other lines of defense, such as two-factor authentication, and so far The Space Safe is the only safe we found that offers a two-factor authentication. 

As it concerns the digital security of a safe, we recommend adding biometrics as an extra added layer of authentication. When you require both a password and biometric authentication, you make it virtually impossible for someone to compromise the digital locking mechanism.

To hack a password, a hacker simply needs a brute-force dictionary program to crack it and they can do so with less effort than trying to crack a fingerprint scanner, as it is many magnitudes more difficult.

For starters, they would need to get access to your fingerprint. Getting a high-quality image of your fingerprint would require them to have James Bond levels of skill and would probably still be unsuccessful to gain access.

Why Biometrics Are Essential for Password Protection

Security professionals all understand the importance of having many different layers of security. Fallback options and redundancies limit the possibility of compromise until it is practically negligible.

Consider the sort of security option a PIN is. It's a string of digits that gives anyone access to what it protects as long as they can reproduce it. Something as simple as writing down or sharing your PIN weakens it.

And as we've said previously, a hacker can guess a password or PIN without even knowing it. Biometric security options, on the other hand, make up for the security deficiencies with passwords.

You own your biometric keys; your fingertips. You cannot lend them to anyone. There's no risk that someone you know might misuse them - since they will need your presence to have access.

It's virtually impossible to crack biometric security in the same way that you can crack a password since biometric identifiers are unique to you, and no one else. The chance of someone else having the same fingerprint is next to zero, but to ensure your safe doesn't provide false negatives, it's important to make sure the biometric sensor has a high DPI and pixel reading. The Space Safe uses an FBI grade approved biometric sensor and would ensure the least amount of false negatives. 

Benefits of Biometrics for Authentication

Biometrics aren't just more secure than passwords. This more advanced technology has inherent benefits that make it easier to use. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Near instantaneous verification to open your safe
  • Easy to use in an uncomfortable position, or in the dark
  • Use whatever finger you feel most comfortable with as long as you have it registered
  • Limit access to only yourself -- or unlock your safe for a friend without giving away your PIN
  • You can gain access if you potentially forget your PIN

Ways to Strengthen Your Biometric Authentication With a Biometric Safe

If you want to make the most of a biometric safe, there are some things you can do to strengthen existing biometric security. Consider doing the following:

Set Up Multiple Fingerprints

Set up as many fingerprints as you can with your safe. Prioritize the fingers you use most, such as your index fingers and thumbs. The Space Safe allows for up to 5 fingerprints per user profile and with their intuitive enrollment, you can easily setup the fingers you choose.

Before enrollment, make sure that your fingers are clean and the complete fingerprint is visible. If some skin peeled off your thumb, wait for it to grow back before scanning it.

Keep the Fingerprint Reader Clean

Over time, your fingerprint reader may begin to collect dust and grime on the surface of the glass. Or, your hands are dirty from a day at work and leave residue on the glass.

This may leave a visible impression of your fingerprint and can cause a security concern.

After using the fingerprint reader or during your regular maintenance, simply wipe the reader with a soft cloth. This simple step takes only a couple of seconds and drastically strengthens your overall security.

Get the Best Biometric Safe from The Space Safe

A biometric safe is the most secure way to store your goods using digital security. PINs are a good line of defense, but they simply are not enough to ensure the ultimate protection - which is why we recommend The Space Safe and it's two-factor authentication. Using biometrics in addition to your PIN for authentication keeps your goods locked up tight and makes compromising them virtually impossible.

At SPACE, we make a one-of-a-kind smart safe that uses modern technology to keep your valuables under lock and key. Order the Space Safe and witness for yourself the power of biometric safe security.