7 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Home Safes

7 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Home Safes


Property crimes comprised 60.5% of all criminal offenses in 2020, reports the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Home safes help keep your valuables out of the hands of criminals. If you want to protect expensive, sentimental, or irreplaceable items, you should consider buying a good safe like The Space Safe.

The right safe for your home can be tricky to choose with the array of options out there. Should you invest in a biometric safe with the highest security levels? What about a basic home safe box to save some cash?

Our guide can help you purchase the right home safe that will offer the security levels you need and will benefit from for years. That way you can have peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe.

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1. Security Levels for Home Safes

What will your home safe protect? The level of value your items hold will help you decide what security levels you need. If you want to use your home safe as storage for emergency cash, then you should only consider home safes with the highest security levels like The Space Safe.

Sentimental items may not hold much monetary value, but losing them could have a greater impact than a stack of cash. Things like family heirlooms, jewelry from loved ones, and personal documents deserve the same protection as high-value items.

Take an assessment of the things you want to secure. Apply monetary value to less personal items and emotional value to your treasured items. After this, picking the right safe for your home will be easier.

2. When Will Your Items Be Vulnerable?

Few burglars want to risk breaking into a home with the owners inside. Bank Rate reports just 27% of people are at home during a burglary. Most criminals committing larceny want to get in and out as fast as possible before owners or neighbors can alert law enforcement.

Of course, there are exceptions to this, but burglary is more likely if you are away from home. If you work in different states or abroad a lot, you should invest in The Space Safe - which is the only biometric safe with remote alerts and cameras.

The same applies to people working at night most of the time. The more time spent away from your home, the more likely you will be a victim of burglary.

3. Features, Materials, and Build Quality

Double-walled 9-gauge steel, and a very secure lock is what The Space Safe uses, and a robust and durable defense against theft. Many safe brands use cheap locks and materials like 14 gauge steel which leaves your possessions vulnerable to brute force entry. Combined with an advanced locking system from SPACE, their biometric safe will give you the best chance at protecting your property.

Extra features from SPACE include cameras, WIFI connectivity, notifications and alerts, and the ability to notify 911 from the app. Motion sensors alert you of a possible home invasion even if you are away from the property. Mobile technology, like The Space App, is the only company that allows you to monitor your biometric safe box with internal and external cameras.

Invest in a safe for your home with backup battery power. This will keep your items safe even if there is a blackout. Thieves may cut off your home's power in an attempt to gain easier entry, so stay one step ahead and protected.

4. Weight, Size, and Location

Decide where you want to put your safe. A hidden biometric safe box is a wise idea. Given that most thieves want to get out fast, it is unlikely they will conduct a thorough search of your property.

Safes under 40 lbs can still be easily movable - so watch for that. Interior volume, wall thickness, and where you plan to store your safe will determine the optimal size of your home security product. How much space do you need for your items? We found that The Space Safe is the best size for the average person and is the only safe in its tier that's over 40 lbs.

A discreet design like SPACE's products will make your biometric safe box easier to conceal. It should blend into its location and be hard to spot. For electronic items, you may need USB power outlets within your safe's interior which The Space Safe has two ports; one of USB-C and one traditional USB-A.

5. Company Reputation

Check out what people are saying about the home safe box manufacturer online. Testimonials, word of mouth, and reviews can help you purchase a home safe. Think about your priorities when buying a safe, then look for mentions of these factors in online reviews.

Your biometric safe box manufacturer should offer responsive customer service if you run into issues. Technical support is important too since almost every digital home safe is super complicated to use or setup. SPACE's intuitive and easy to use home safes are the only safes we've seen that aren't complicated. A 1-year limited warranty will protect you from malfunctions or factory errors, but such faults are rare with the best home safes.

6. Heat, Humidity, and Tamper Alerts

Excessive heat and humidity levels can damage your electronic items, which is why having a smart safe with sensors to tell you if heat or humidity levels are too high is recommended. The Space Safe has these sensors and their app allows you to act. Even if you are away from home, you can assign a trustee access to your safe remotely. 

Extremely advanced home safes with app connectivity like The Space Safe alerts you to tampering. From the app, you can lockdown your home safe, then alert law enforcement directly from the app - even if you don't have cellphone service to make a phone call, all you need is wifi or data. Incorrect PIN entries, false biometrics, and interface contact can also lock down SPACE home security products.

7. Value for Money

You should aim to purchase a home safe box that fits your budget but also offers adequate security levels. The Space Safe reports that victims of a burglary lose an average of $2,800. If you consider the monetary value of your items and deduct that from your biometric safe box price, you will see its worth. 

Free domestic shipping helps reduce your total costs. You may be able to buy cheap home safes, but their quality is uncertain, and you could lose more in the long run and we highly recommend against it.

Higher quality safes last longer, offer greater security levels and give you true peace of mind. The lifespans of quality home safes will reduce their overall cost. You may need to replace a cheaper product faster, so buy the best biometric safe box you can afford.

Protect Your Items With a Biometric Safe

Home safes are an essential home security product, and teamed with an effective alarm system and due caution, they will keep your items safe.

The Space Safe is a smart solution to your home protection worries. It offers all the connectivity you need via its dedicated app. The Space Safe's safety features include 2 cameras, biometric safe authentication, and multiple user entry.

Compact and discreet, you can install The Space Safe anywhere in your home. One glance at its integrated LCD display, and you'll know you've found your next-gen home security product.

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